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  1. I think you'll be alright mate as I reckon there will be about 10k not bought by season ticket holders so they'll be made available. Was hoping to hear something official from the club re how many were left to put my mind at ease a little.

    Really? 10k season ticket holders not able to go to the game and not using the opportunity to get the tickets for friends. Seems a lot.

  2. That one will take some beating,Julescotia. For me those titles are a bittersweet memory because we should never have been where we are today through the actions of a bunch of thieving fraudsters.

    The thing that still puzzles me is how St.Mirren, Hibs, Dundee Utd and Kilmarnock all lay down to us to win 4 titles :mutley::21::crabflute:

    Thanks again,Mate! Brilliant

    St Mirren!! Are you related to David Cameron?

  3. Cheers!

    I might hold off until 9 tonight to see if I can get better seats than the Club Deck but like I've previously, got a bit of an issue as I need to pick up 10. :anguish:

    What's wrong with the club deck? Best view in the house.

  4. That's what I was wanted to no

    Do you think the best tickets for general sale is now and to just buy now

    Or once the ST returned seats have been released ?

    For best seats what u think

    You should buy now. Plenty of good seats available. I would expect season ticket uptake to be near 100%

  5. They were selling them right after the game, I've already got mine in the Copland Front, so ST holders don't seem to have any priority.

    Ticket office is selling tickets to the public right now.

    I think that might be the seats that haven't been taken as season tickets. Before I logged in my seat wasn't showing as available to buy. Maybe 24 hours for season ticket holders to claim their own seat?

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