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  1. 4 hours ago, iain88 said:

    Admin please feel free to move if you feel this should be in OT.


    I manage a local business and one of my colleagues got a phone call from someone at Rangers today about advertising on the boards at the stadium. The fact that our owner is "one of them" means that there isn't much chance we're going to be able to go ahead with this (which is bollocks for me but hey ho). However, the pricing for this was pretty reasonable so I felt it might be of interest to anyone on here that is involved with a local business. 

    Looking at £1500 per season for 3 mins of advertising per game, split into 30 second bursts. Drop me a message if you want contact info. 


    Also, good to hear that someone at the club is pushing this and trying to drive revenue streams. This is only a tiny part of things but it's so positive to see everything that's changing at the club recently. The future is bright...




    What business is it you manage mate? If the owner is "one of them" and refuses to put money into the local team, maybe we as fans should boycott that business?

  2. 13 hours ago, Parky89 said:

    Fuck sake like. So i could've paid 7 quid and not get in. Whats the point in pre booking it then?! And how do they know if you've pre booked? Anyway cheers for the heads up.

    What they do is take the number of pre-booked spaces off the total number of spaces in the car park. Once the car park is full they should still have places for pre-booked. They don't have a specific area for pre-booked cars.


  3. 1 minute ago, Smile said:

    1 Foderingham
    25 Alnwick
    37 Wright

    2 Tavernier
    4 Cardoso
    5 Wallace
    6 Wilson
    17 Hodson
    22 Alves
    24 Bates
    34 Wilson, A
    54 Houston
    55 Mayo

    7 Dalcio
    8 Jack
    11 Windass
    18 Rossiter
    19 Kranjcar
    23 Holt
    27 Pena
    30 Thompson
    35 Barjonas
    36 Beerman
    42 Burt

    9 Miller
    10 McKay
    15 Herrera
    20 Morelos
    33 Waghorn

    Thanks,I was just reading your original thread when this notification came up.

  4. 6 hours ago, Don54 said:



    6 hours ago, bordersbear said:

    Do you know when the first picture was taken? That's how I remember Ibrox from my first visit in early 70's!

    I started going about 1973/74. Couldn't put an exact date on that first pic but it was defo before the centenary stand was built. There's no fence at the end of the covered section.


  5. 45 minutes ago, lidorfc said:

    Trying to buy a season ticket online just now and the site keeps telling me that my details already exist on the system, so I try to recover the password thinking that I must have tried to register with an email address that I had registered with before, and the email address does not exist on the system, anyone know what to do here? It's frustrating as fuck.

    If you can get in to the ticket office that would probably be the best option.

  6. 1 hour ago, KingKirk said:

    To be binned does that mean all bans and criminal records obtained because of this act will be removed.

    IMO that's the only option if the acts been binned

    That's like saying when the death penalty was abolished everyone that had been hanged should be brought back to life.

  7. 15 hours ago, govanblue said:

    That's nothing compared to the buzz you get when you join this club...

    Just ask the OP.  

    Am I right @blueretro ?

    Absolutely. You can't beat the feel good factor of being part of the Erskine  fund family. 


  8. 9 hours ago, cp9 said:

    Trying to upload a photo from my iPhone but it's saying it's too big.... anyone got a way to get round this?

    You could try emailing the photo to yourself and you will receive it in a smaller size. Not very technical, but I tried it for something else and it worked

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