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  1. Just now, With Heart and Hand said:

    Haven't seen the email I assumed it was £20 to join the Club

    is it really £20 just to enter a ticket ballot?

    It's £20 per season. It doesn't necessary get you in a ballot. If tickets are limited and you don't have enough points you won't even get in the ballot

  2. 11 minutes ago, With Heart and Hand said:

    £20 to join the travel club? Doesn't seem unreasonable to me

    £20 as a one off fee and that's you in for life might be OK. But £20 just for the possibility of getting a ticket seems a bit much. We might only have one Euro away game next season.

  3. 2 hours ago, StirlingBear72 said:

    It's mad. There's an old guy who I pass on the stairs most home games, he walks with a stick and generally has poor mobility. 

    Horrible to think he was killing himself going up and down last season to watch that dross.

    He could have gone up in the lift

    Edit; Just read through the thread and I see this has already been mentioned.


  4. 3 hours ago, LoyalRanger86 said:

    Well how would you do it?

    I wouldn't charge season ticket holders, I would make it an option on CCCS. I would also open it up to non season ticket holders and charge them £20 to join

  5. Why do the club charge season ticket holders £20 for the opportunity to buy European away tickets? They don't do it for domestic games so why do it for Europe? They already have all our details so it can't be admin related. Could you imagine the uproar if they did the same for cup finals etc. £20 to be entered into a ballet with no guarantee of getting a ticket. Seems a bit of a ripoff to me. 

    If they opened the Travel club to non season ticket holders, I could understand an admin fee being applied to that.

  6. 11 hours ago, siddiqi_drinker said:

    Losing track of all these signings, sadly don't see too many going in the other direction, thought Warburton and 'best in the business' McParland would have signed a few by now.  

    The transfer window doesn't open down there until July 1st. So hopefully he'll come looking then.

  7. 2 hours ago, Cam1872 said:


    Genuine question, similar to thread I started on Rangers Observer... 

    When it comes to this lionbrand kit stuff I tend to see folk referring to it generally in a negative manner, Just wondering why it seems to be the case that as a group of fans it doesn't seem to ha e taken off? 

    Im not looking to put it forward by any stretch as the answer to kit issues, but from a personal point of view I can't see much to pick holes in... Although I e not  ought any of the gear admittedly. 

    100 percent not linked to them in any way BTW I'd just appreciate a steer and others view on the pros and cons of it? 

    Sorry if this has been done to death before or should be in boarsroom/financial sure. 

    Why start this thread on here then, did you not get the answers you wanted on Rangers Observer (whatever that is)?

  8. On 2017-6-1 at 10:44 PM, A.T.G said:

    What's the chances of nobody taking a ticket? 

    Just this one club, please.

    Let's kill their club.

    Why up there? If we draw them at home they will make even more money, so maybe we should boycott home cup games against them as well. Let's be honest it's never gonna happen


  9. 16 hours ago, With Heart and Hand said:

    I'm assuming there are defibrillators in and around the stadium?  If not maybe it's something we could try to sort out?  I've seen many placed in local areas although I'd be surprised if the stadium didn't already have them

    The St Andrews first aiders have defibrillators at all the games. Unfortunately this happened away from the stadium and at any rate i think they get stood down about 20-30 mins after the game.


  10. 16 minutes ago, jintybear said:

    I'm scared of heights and I had a bit of vertigo! Plus we couldn't see the scum so I couldn't shout abuse at them ?! The stairs to club deck are killers as well!

    But it was the view you criticised. None of that criticises the view apart from you couldn't see the scum fans. That would be a plus point in my opinion. Oh and there's a lift in the Club Deck for those that can't manage the stairs 

  11. 3 hours ago, jintybear said:

    CD7 isn't the best view. We got put there last season for one if the tim games. I'm sure it's about £110/£120 for juvenile seats in other areas of the stadium. 

    I beg to differ. I think CD7 is a great view


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