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  1. Feels like every game now is "must win" - but you avoid the pre/post fixture Old Firm letdown and that's a big deal.
  2. Read somewhere it's Rangers best start to a season since the 20's. Incredible.
  3. You could definitely tell the midfield was lacking the presence and physicality of Jack/Arfield but they got the job done regardless. What a result. Just have to hope that there's no letdown as in previous seasons after big Old Firm wins, but I do think this team is different than previous years.
  4. Trying to stay positive but man for some reason I don't have a great feeling about this one! Arfield and Jack missing out is huge.
  5. I remember Rangers being linked with Robin Van Persie a few times - when he was first coming up in the Netherlands at Feyenoord when Advocaat was manager and then maybe when Warburton was manager? Not sure how serious the links were though. Also remember being linked with Klaas Jan Huntelaar. Both those guys would have scored boat loads!
  6. Feels like Arteta is due to get sacked soon right? I mean it looked pretty promising at the end of last season but realistically how long does winning the FA Cup buy you when they are in the relegation zone. Unreal.
  7. Jeez...sickening. Though I feel like that's pretty common? People looking up obituaries to see when funerals are taking place and they going to the deceased person's house and ransacking it. People suck.
  8. I mean it was ridiculous right?! Thought for sure he was too far away.
  9. It definitely looks like there's something different about him this year. I guess the positive view is that he's saving the goals for the crunch time of the season when others aren't scoring as much. Hopefully anyway.
  10. Not bad when you can bring a guy with 300+ professional goals off the bench and also use him in spot starts, etc. What a goal today too.
  11. It also says a lot that the CL group in 2008 was incredibly difficult as well. That ridiculous Barcelona team, Stuttgart, and I forgot how stacked that Lyon team was that year (Benzema, Govou, Juninho, etc.)
  12. Has to be 2008. They were so disciplined defensively. I don't think that team would have let those leads against Benfica slip.
  13. Good deal man! Haha maybe I can speak it into existence!
  14. Funny how they make some of these guys sound like world beaters. 37 year old Chris Burke hovering near the top half? Yikes.
  15. LOL. Don't remember that one but that would've been interesting right? Still pop on here every now and again. This forum is a million times better when the atmosphere around the club is as positive as it is now haha.
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