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  1. Went and saw Rush last night on the Clockwork Angels tour- pretty unique show. They played for about 2.5 hours with the first half dedicated to alot of stuff off Power Windows/Grace Under Pressure which I thought was kind of strange. I could understand one or two songs, but 8? Especially when they didn't play anything off Permanent Waves or Hemispheres. The second half they played a bunch of stuff off Clockwork Angels which I thought was a cool record- and they did it with a full string section behind them which they had never done before. They closed with Tom Sawyer and 2112 which kind of mad
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4itSb76zitc&feature=related Full Kyuss set from the early 90s Josh Homme's epic 90s haircut
  3. Some new stuff I've checked out recently: Pilgrim - doom band from Rhode Island that's been getting really good reviews. Sort of a Reverend Bizarre or early Cathedral vibe, and most of their songs are in the 10+ minute range Dawnbringer - traditional metal band on Profound Lore (probably the best metal label going). Their last album Nucleus was one of my favorites from 2010. There's serious Maiden/Priest/Motorhead worship going on here in most of the songs, but they have their own unique take on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etCCzTbLW-Y
  4. Saw Iron Maiden at the end of June and Dream Theater a couple weeks ago Maiden was great- did the Maiden England video and had a great stage show complete with the Seventh Son Eddie. Plenty of SCREAM FOR ME WASHINGTON DC's thrown in as well Dream Theater was good to- I had never seen them before but they played stuff off of just about all of their albums so it was a cool show to see- the new drummer got a great reception to. And I've got Rush and Symphony X on back to back nights in September!
  5. Got my tickets to see Iron Maiden this summer doing the Maiden England set
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKACdmfdkO4 Got turned on to these guys recently, totally epic doom metal. Their first album just came out on Profound Lore, which always releases good stuff
  7. Haven't heard the new COC stuff, wasn't it supposed to be more of a hardcore/crossover record since Pepper isn't playing on it?
  8. I've heard Opeth's album is kind of like Damnation with all clean vocals and very proggy Is it worth picking up?
  9. I love Metallica and can usually find the silver lining in most of their work, but if this album is anything like that track posted above...
  10. Thanks for the bump Got my tickets yesterday to see Dream Theater in about a month. Will be interesting to see them with their new drummer. My prog metal boner is about to go into overdrive with DT's new album, new Opeth, Pain of Salvation, and the new Mastodon to. I've heard really good things about the new Anthrax and Insomnium records as well
  11. So Metallica announced today that they have recorded a full album with.....Lou Reed....... WTF
  12. http://www.bandoftheweek.net/ Excellent site run by the great Fenriz of Darkthrone. Every week he links to a lesser known metal band, all of them in the great old school styles of the 70s/80s including thrash, doom, death, traditional, and black metal. Essential stuff Check out Metal Inquisitor, Age of Taurus, and Deathhammer in the archives
  13. Picked up the new Gates of Slumber album Friday, great listen. Total St. Vitus/Sabbath worship which is okay by me!
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