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  1. The irony of their commemorative dinner plate always brings a smirk.
  2. Be a hard game regardless of the cup final result there are always those in a team who’ll treat us as a cup final every time.
  3. Who’ll emulate this Legend in the next few games I wonder.
  4. I knew they pigeons at Ibrox came from good stock.
  5. Wee fuckface mclaughlin was giving it that patter in the news. Desperate stuff from the clowns, they cannae think of anything funny or original even in the last 10 year, same old shite, no humour, no originality, no class. I think it’s the ingrained chip on the shoulder that makes them like that, inferiority complex is always there.
  6. On my Father’s Shoulders On my Father’s shoulders at Easter Road, way back when. I watched the head of Colin Stein stop the ten for them. Then Wallace, Greig and Souness – Built the platform for our future. Johnstone, Cooper, McCoist, Gascoigne, Laudrup, Butcher. I was there that day that Chris Woods entered the world record book. And the day we signed Maurice Johnston – The day that Glasgow shook! I remember well Mark Hatley’s goal down Yorkshire way. And when Nissy scored his wonder goal – I was there that day! Under Walter Smith things were on the up, Robbed by
  7. So did a ! Disappointing, but the futures Bright the futures Orange👍🏻
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