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  1. The biggest impacts in my lifetime has been Baxter leaving, it was like a pools win to the puddle drinkers then Jim Forrest on the eve of a ECWC final. Absolutely disastrous decisions that changed the course of our history.
  2. Wisnae jist injuries his commitment and bravery were questionable.
  3. And the attack goes on and on with no real fight back or retaliation. The old normal so to speak.
  4. Fucks sake the league is in doubt now never mind one game. They’ll pull the plug when it suits the ira athletic wing.
  5. PS - I’m happy wae fuck awe it’s a fucking clusterfuck and so are the bheggars but how the fuck have we never cashed in on their fuck ups? Tells a story!
  6. That wee cunts jammies are reekin wae skid marks, hate the bastard! A cunts cunt!
  7. 38,585 according to attendance figure. You can probably add to that the Bears that gained hospitality entry😂😂👍🏻
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