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  1. This game is going to be fucking torture to watch.
  2. "now prepare yourself.... are you sure you can't feel that?"
  3. Aye, that as well. Trying to have a conversation with someone and there looking at there phone every 2 seconds
  4. Biffy Clyro, coffee, shooting/war games (cod and shit like that), chart music, and the hangover.
  5. Not at all, a few songs like standing on the edge of the noise and beatles & stones does a bit but that's it. Favourites off the album are The morning sun, The Beat Goes On and For anyone Really surprised at how good the album was.
  6. Fuck off, bunch of fucking morons with a football. Wake the fuck up, Whittaker can stay in the dressing room 2nd half. Worse than playing with 10 men
  7. Listening to some of the previews, the first thing you notice is that Liam's got his voice back, instead of that sort of throat singing he use to do. Better than I expected from Beady Eye tbh.
  8. Pure skelpin a haggis over sumcunts heed for making fun of yer kilt.
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