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  1. I lean toward independence but that was so cynical of Salmond to do that. So transparent what his motive was it was embarrassing. Possibly the greatest moment in British tennis history and he tries to exploit the situation for political gain. He's done more harm than good for independence.
  2. I'm not sure how Buffel is rated on here but I would nominate him. Good at keeping possession and very tidy player on the ball with good close control. I don't remember him getting much praise during his spell at Ibrox though.
  3. It makes sense getting Moyes in, can see what they're trying to do, but building up a legacy on the back of Ferguson's success (or even trying to continue it) is a very ambitious move from United. Despite the reservations with Moyes (doing nothing in Europe, not beating a top 4 side away) I think it is the right decision to appoint him as manager. I mean, who else could they get? Mourinho is obvious one but it's clear they're looking for long term success rather than a few seasons of winning trophies before needing to find a new manager again. Go down that road and they could end up like Chelsea, and no one wants to end up like Chelsea. Having said that, this is fantastic, I know this Hitler clip has been overdone but still... [/media]
  4. Nah, not for me. Madrid are capable of scoring 3 goals tonight but I can't see them keeping a clean sheet against Dortmunds attack. 2-2.
  5. I know what you mean but still, did you see hear the Dortmund fans tonight and the Bayern fans last night? I think Wembley will be a bit more energetic in contrast to the Wigan v Man City game
  6. Incredible performance by Dortmund tonight, quite rightly most of the praise will go to Lewandoski but Gundogan was superb in the midfield, in total control against Alonso and Khedria. All German final then, the atmosphere is going to be something else! God, imagine playing your rivals in the final of the CL, I don't think I could take that pressure if it was us and celtic, my heart would pack up!
  7. Wonder what kind of reception Gotze will get from the home fans. Anyway, think it'll be a score draw tonight or Dortmund winning it by the odd goal, and Madrid to beat them convincingly in the second leg to go through. Would much prefer to see a Bayern/Madrid final than a Bayern/Dortmund one in any case.
  8. Over 300 games since Barcelona have not had the majority possession, 62% tonight, what a team! Bayern are the new dominant force in Europe now I think, hope they win it against Madrid in the final. It would be a shame for Heynckes if they didn't manage to do it this year, considering this was the team he built and they've came so close twice before.
  9. Reading this thread made me realise how many talented young midfielders Germany have just now. Although it would probably be better for the German national team if they didn't all play roughly the same position. Could do will a few strikers coming through the youth system in the near future.
  10. I liked him. I don't remember him doing much really but he was good at retaining possession and acting as cover for the defence. He also proved himself very competent in European games and didn't look out of place at all. Although I can understand why some don't think he's anything special. He didn't have the aggression that Thomson had or the technical ability that Mendes showed, still though, Hemdani was a very good player for us. It's amazing to think some of the quality we had in midfield just a few years ago....compared to now.
  11. It seems strange to me that Alonso would want to go back to Liverpool. Living in his home country, playing some of the best football of his career with one of the best teams in the world. Why would he want to go back to Liverpool where there's not even a guarantee of Champions League football? Very odd.
  12. After the 1-0 win over Celtic, didn't we play Hibs away and they held us to a 1-1 draw? Might be getting the dates mixed up but I remember Novo having at least 5 chances to win it and making an arse of it everytime. Can't remember who Celtic lost against to put us top again.
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