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  1. Just put £30 on PSV to qualify live in play @ 2/1 Probably get hammered now
  2. Credit to them, they come out with some good songs against the Taigs
  3. I would agree that the champions should be seeded....lets look at the top seeds.... Chelsea *Champions* Barcelona *Champions* Inter *Champions and Winners* Bayern Muncich *Champions and Runners Up* Man Utd 2nd Place Arsenal 3rd Place Ac Milan 2nd Place? Lyon 2nd Place I'm sorry but the past 5 years performance in Europe for seedings is an absolute fucking joke. The Seedings should run with the Champions of each league and those champions can then be divided into pots depending on their past 5 years so you could effectively have the first 2 pots full of champions and the remaining 2 pots divi
  4. Since Walter returned there has been one thing which really has annoyed me sitting in the stands and it's the way we defend corner kicks. Every time the opposition win a corner we have every man in the box ready to defend the corner, ok maybe it's part of why we don't lose so many goals but seriously lets think about it for a second. The goal we conceded yesterday, fair enough an absolute cracker from Danny Grainger was certainly avoidable. St Johnstone had identified a weakness in our defensive play and exploited it well, it reminded me of Mendes standing alone at Celtic Park.... Basicall
  5. He's not fit it's that simple, I feel sorry for him as unfortunately this is the first impression he's giving, talented player when fit. What I will say about Beattie is in terms of winning headers and knockdowns, he's damn good at that and we have seen signs of this. On the ball and when hassled by opponents he can hold them off and keep his compusure which he done a few times even yesterday. Defensively he will also be great for us as well as attack. Willing to give him time but now he has some competition :jelavic:
  6. McCulloch in the 2nd half in particular was fantastic I felt that our midfield lacked the energy of Edu but it was Davis who was the problem yesterday as his passing range was terrible whereas Lee got just about everything right Wouldn't be a Lee McCulloch performance without a Yellow Card anyways
  7. He showed up well in that 20 odd minutes yesterday, he would have seen more of the ball if Whitty was more aware At one point Jela had peeled away to the right hand side and could have been released, loving the fact he worked the channels well despite not getting any supply Also his poise and passing looked up to scratch and loved that tackle
  8. And I think some of that inconsistency was present yesterday again, he did improve in the second half however but he didn't quite hit the heights of the previous two games. Would love him to justify spending £2 million on him
  9. Couldn't be happier with the draw guys Seriously I really do think we have a wee chance there provided we play the right way....which is the Walter Way 4-5-1 may be the way forward for us again but hopefully we can pick up a couple of wins this year Time to go on the march again :crabflute: :crabflute: :crabflute: :crabflute:
  10. I'm happy with this so far! Interesting group and hopefully the fans will turn out in numbers, we need all our bears and bearettes! Roll on Matchday 2 at Ibrox against Man Utd, Thinking thats how it works out
  11. Yeah they do The UEFA.com website offers the best coverage since you can actually here what their saying and not have to listen to Sky drone on about the potential of an All-England final before the Group Stages have even been drawn I will probably watch it through UEFA.com even although I have sky haha!
  12. In my eyes the lad has never had anything to apologise for, sure he played for "them" *shudder* but he's only a professional plying his trade! When he arrived at Rangers for the 2nd time he has always had my support and he is one of the main reasons for the success we've enjoyed over the last few years!
  13. You're right Flecky, Davis was fucking rotten, he was one of the worst performers in the first half in my eyes with all his wayward and misjudged passes. Not one player covered themselves in glory during that first half but in the 2nd half it was like a different team Edu needs games now and he'll get better.
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