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  1. You would think he would want a crack at champions league
  2. He helped them to a 5-2 hiding. Always giving wee buff
  3. Yeah has technically ability hastie hasn’t got. Hastie has that rawness and speed over Scott but Scott fits into our style a lot more, can control ball in tight areas. Hastie’s second touch is a tackle
  4. Leverkusen if they get through for payback. Lost a few of their stars
  5. Did you watch our early games? Why was it such a massive loss than joe got injured? Kent arguably was better but joe was unreal
  6. Clearly was. Including pre season albeit
  7. First season finding his feet but still shows man of match against celtic away and wonder goal v braga. This year best payer in league until injury then doesn’t come back as sharp and our fans claim he’s pish.
  8. What a performance after all the negative shit he gets on here. Would any of our other midfielders score that goal?
  9. Anyone know how his English is now? He sometimes says WATP on Instagram and hello but that’s all Iv heard him mutter English
  10. Walter always brought a player in from cold, ie novo vs them 2007 then cousin in 2008, always worked a treat, maybe he will Jordan jones 🧐
  11. Think a lot of our success is down to the feet on our lads, Aribo and Kamara could do a pirouette in a phone box. Not had players who are as skilful since players like Amato and De boer. The recruitment has been excellent , to think we got they 2 for a combined £50 G
  12. Fucksake this is st Mirren lads. Yeah they beat us in cup but we they are where they are in the league for a reason, play Alfie and play them at their own game. Helander In too for the physical side then let our technical players run riot.
  13. Bit of a prick now but Kirk broadfoot, at the time was pretty effective especially in europe, plus he skinned McGeady at the tattie dome.
  14. Morelos got to start this 1 for me. Even though Itten a big lad he doesn’t posses the physicality that Alfredo does. The ball didn’t stick in the cup game, it will with Morelos leading the line, I’m confident Gerrard will get it right this time, he’s done well learning from his mistakes.
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