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  1. new the big man would pull through, a god amongst mortals!
  2. 7 million? Could get a good right back for that and a centre back
  3. I dont follow Rangers on days catholics play. I check the teamsheet and if weiss is playin i support a purely protestant team. If im unsure of their religion i give them the benifit of the doubt. i pretty much stopped supporting us when we had itailans or spannish cuz u know there papes
  4. thanks for takin an avid intrest in another mans sex life
  5. harrisons got a punchers chance but its near imposible to look past the haymaker
  6. just lost my virginity? i like how u have made a conclusion on my life. Calling my gf a munter without ever seing her. Im a 24 year old man it makes me sick to be fellow fans with a couple of guys in this forum. All ganging up on a fan who has a different view. Pretty childish do you not think? I am aloud to express my views surely the should be met with debate other than insult? It makes me laugh that an early poster said that yous are tryna keep your tradions in place. Rangers werent founded to be a soley protestant club. If you are so caught up in the religoius side why dont you go to chur
  7. I dont really care what they say! there beleive what they believe as do i!
  8. course u can. support being the right word. not gloryfying killing!
  9. im quite aware of the history. I meant it as in would these supporters come across in partake in the violence or would they just show support by shouting political stuff at a football game. They would be quite happy to sing ira songs but would never get a boat over and actually fight!
  10. course it did, but did it personally affect the fans who were comfy sitting in there house in the middle of coatbridge? unles they had family in the 1 of the parties but yet they still felt they needed to gloryfying terrorism and violence. Im not in the slightest having a go at people that lived through it. but the 1s that formed a realtionship with violence with no real connection other than us v them mentaility. you keep trying to get me to mince my words.
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