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  1. Twitter is glorious tonight. It's the sheer amount of folk giving him it with both barrels that's astounding. Think I've only counted 2 tweets defending him. Also, the amount of high profile folk getting in on it, as well as their own podcasters too. Brilliant!
  2. They left about 8pm GMT, but I think he meant arriving in Dubai at 7am local time. UAE are 4 hours ahead of us.
  3. F**k off you c*nt! That's such a pile of sh*te. Should f*ck*ng be ashamed! It's working well mate!
  4. Not the worst shout for a place on the bench maybe....match sharpness won't be there, so no way could you start him. Not sure where it went wrong for him tbh. Maybe just hasn't shown enough in training.
  5. The lack of shots bothers me more than it should Today, Davis got into so many good situations where a shot was on and he passed it sideways or turned and tried to set up someone else. Why are we not shooting more? Goldson as well, 3 or 4 times in the second half he had taken it for a wee run and was 25 yards out....no pass on....just leather it!
  6. So far this month, we've taken 7 points from 9 in 3 games: V's The Scum (H), The Sheep (A) & Well (A). Had we drawn either of the first two games, no one would really have batted much of an eyelid!
  7. Not a disaster but that was pish! 21 points, minimum 12. It could be worse. We move on!!!
  8. Point best we're getting by the looks..... Mon tae fuck Rangers!!!
  10. Pish tbh. Barisic cant even cross his legs today. midfield no creativity at all....just lots of wee passes going nowhere and every time the ball needs hit, it's Davis who has it and he passes. Get the fuckin hairdryer out Gerrard!
  11. Players look like they think the league is won and they just have to turn up!
  12. Great team that. Hopefully Alfredo can get in amongst the goals today, but that side should be well capable of winning even if he doesn't. Wouldn't be surprised if Defoe comes on and scores too! Come on Rangers, intae these bastards!!!!
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