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  1. Put it this way mate, when they got the ball into our box, I was nervous for them Shagger punching the ball rather than catching it gives me the fear. We did make a few good blocks, but I still wasn't convinced with our passing out of defence, Goldson was the worst culprit especially start of the 2nd half. That clearance you mention.....I would need to see it again, but I think he's trying to blooter it the way it came....I think he looks across worried that it's going in. Regardless, we won, which is all that matters
  2. Lacked the final ball, as well as looking nervy as fuck at the back. Goldson was horrendous. The whole team lacked cohesion and could barely string 3 passes together. Crossing was shit. Shooting was shit. I'm so fucking happy even with all of the above
  3. 9 points out of 3 games. That's a decent start of ever there was one!
  4. Worst win of the season? Fuckin best win of the season if you ask me Everyone was absolutely HONKING! I feared dropping minimum 2 points and advantage scum. I'm so fuckin happy!!! Those cunts will be seething!!!
  5. YASSSSSS FUCKIN YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Played FUCKIN SHITE.......win 3 points. Scum seething, Porteous mugged!! I FUCKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Come on Hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 5 seconds then crashes........back for another 10 then dies. Cunts! :D
  7. We just need one decent chance.......one of our players to concentrate for just 5 seconds and hit the fuckin target. That's all we need.
  8. FUCKIN PISH RANGERS. FUCK OFF!!!!!!! Hit the fuckin target ffs
  9. Kick them in the nuts Gio.......fuckin wake up Rangers!
  10. Our passing has been brutal. In fact, everything has been brutal. Only saving grace is so have Hibs been. I think we get one goal tonight we win this. Come on Rangers.......one big push!!!
  11. Great team that. After the S/F debacle I think it's wise to play 2 DM for once. Bassey will need help. Come on Rangers, just win any way you can!!!
  12. Time for the players to step up and give us the display they should have given us at Hampden. I'm not bothered about the amount we win by, just that we win. Rub their fucking noses in it. COme on Rangers, lets see you hungry again! Intae these spoon burning cunts!!!!!!!!
  13. Slightly different situation with Defoe due to the transfer window. We probably could have terminated his contract, but that would have left us short of cover.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks he should have been given more playing time....especially with Itten away, Roofe injured/international duty....and at a time when we were struggling to score?
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