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  1. White is acting like a taig there.....we hate you but you must love us, We're Scotland! I have to admit, if wee Nathan gets the nod at RB, I'll be rooting for him, but not the rest of the team, bizarre!!
  2. This is outstanding! Jim White getting an absolute roasting! Jordan is spot on. Why White is offended because an Englishman doesn't care about Scotland is a joke. How many Sporran Shagging, C U Jimmy donning, skirt wearing ginger bufties want England to win? (Other than a big percentage of us, of course ).
  3. Used to be a bit on Rangers website where you could view from the seat you were trying to buy a ticket for. Not sure if that's still up?
  4. I'm actually buzzing hearing this!! That's me, a 51 years old guy sitting at home on his laptop never having met the guy once! Imagine just how he impacts on the guys in the dressing room seeing them day in day out!! Fucking great news!!
  5. Fuckin hell man This is your moment in RM history. Enjoy the ride.
  6. Was excellent as Walder Frey!
  7. Home one looks like an early 2000's Livingston strip
  8. Mon hame Rab!! No Surrender
  9. Loving the home & away one. Stunning shade of Blue, not quite sure what the jigsaw type pattern is supposed to be! Away top is smart as fuck! Understated, but a great throwback to the original.
  10. Nice one bud, will see if I can get through this weekend!
  11. Haven't yet mate....been trying online first with lock down & all that! Cheers for the suggestion though....wasn't sure if they had stock left!
  12. Snap. I bought the away strip at full price but couldn't afford the home top until now. Cannae see it anywhere.
  13. What you did there........I saw!
  14. Anyone know where I can get a legit home top? (Not one of the Ashley outlets). The online shop only have 3x XL & 4x XL.....I'm M.
  15. Do we drop out of Europe all together if the unthinkable happens in Q3?
  16. Phenomenal finish for one of the goals shown here! Unreal power!
  17. Bring on the Slavia scumbags. We have a score to settle.
  18. Good luck to him. You could tell from his commentary how much he loves the club. Hope he's back in some capacity in the future!!
  19. Who else am I missing? Terry Munro; Lennon; Brown; Lawwel; Howe before he even joined....Glorious
  20. You know, it's actually a bit difficult for me to dive right in and fully believe they are folding right in front of our very eyes. Every time something good happens for us, I still expect them to come back and blow us out the water. It'll take time for the last decades events to fully dissolve my fear of them over taking us. But this is good.....this is just such an enjoyable period of time....just wish I could stop looking over my shoulder.
  21. To be fair, would you want a job where your own fans would do that?
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