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  1. When does a knee-jerk reaction, not become one? Tonight.
  2. No, so much more to Sky than just football
  3. He sounds like an arrogant wee cunt to be honest. Quite funny winding up the Celtic fans though.
  4. Ross. Actually from Raasay, but it's easier to say Skye
  5. He is pissing all over the prem just like the SPL. He's making it look so easy!
  6. Definitely, studying in Glasgow right now and its 3 weeks until I'm home for Summer. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world!
  7. I like Sergio, he seems a sensible guy, says the right thing.
  8. What a fantastic guy. He has matured so much and all of the past issues with the papers haven't affected him. Such class.
  9. I walked into Salim Kerkar today, not quite the same level as Smith but all the same!
  10. Will be there for my first game at Ibrox, shameful I know.
  11. Would love to be at this game so much, really want to show my support. Unfortunately I'll be in Belfast
  12. We should have gone for this guy in the transfer window
  13. Can't recall us having a meaningufl shot on target in the 2nd half? Bartleys horrible effort was about it?
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