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  1. I took my dad on this on Sunday and it was a fantastic tour. It's an incredible story and one that all our fans should be more aware of. Really puts things into perspective in the difficult times we find ourselves now. I left with an even greater feeling of pride in being a fan our magnificent club. Go to say hat's off to the guys who took it upon themselves to research this and piece it all together. A fantastic effort.
  2. Next tour is Sunday 8 April mate. The March one was a Sunday too, so I guess they are generally on a Sunday. More info at http://www.thegallantpioneers.co.uk/The-Founders-Trail-&-Ibrox-Stadium-Tour-2012.html Cheers
  3. I'm looking to buy this for my dad's birthday. I'm taking him on the tour and reckon he'd love this book. Struggling to find it online (apart from downloads but my dad's way too old to appreciate an electronic book). Any suggestions on where I can find a hard copy? I checked the megastore online but it's not listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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