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  1. OF course he knew, thats the worst part about the whole thing. Minty left us up shit creek, Whyte made sure we had no paddle.
  2. Pickett has been a favourite of mine for a while. Gave Mighty Mouse a loss and had a great fight with Scott Jorgensen in the WEC. I would say he is as well rounded as anyone in the division. I thought Struve looked good. Give him Werdum next. If the guy could use his range as well as the likes of Bones Jones he could be damn near unbeatable. He looks to be trying to fight a little smarter nowadays, less flying shit.
  3. I think Jones is a really insecure dude, despite the front he puts up. Remember Rampage making a fool of his "Horatio Caine 1000 yard stare"? That shit was funny, Jones acted like Rampage had just shat in his teapot. His face was a picture. Im not a Jones hater, but I do think there is something odd about him. What a talent though. He breaks Vitor within two rounds, toys with him and finishes him in the 3rd. Will be cheering the Phenom on, but is very unlikely he has anything that Bones hasnt already seen. Benavidez, Bisping, Hammil and Swanson take their fights IMO.
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    Never came across hacks in the game. No idea what happens or what they look like. My mates and I have put some serious time in and never seen anything untoward that we know of. Really immersive game, gets the adrenaline going whenever you come across another player. Be warned though, for all you guys thinking about getting the game, at first you will mostly run and die. Once you get your sneaking technique and scavenging skills down it starts becoming really fun.
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    Any survivors out there in the land of RM?
  6. Just curious, but you think if he had written something about Allah or some shit the police would be involved? Also, that's a true statement. I would own these comments. Freedom of speech. This is what it's come to, not allowed to say anything about certain subjects without fear of being arrested. I wonder if it was the Gestapo who raided his house.
  7. It's hard to walk away wen you don't really turn up In the first place. (laughs heartily)
  8. I hope this teaches those fucking Luddites at the SPL a lesson. As much as they dont want to admit it, they need us. I will laugh heartily at any news which confirms my above statement. (Laughs heartily)
  9. Is this the start of Ken's comeback? I look forward to Shamrock vs Cyborg.
  10. I don't think the entire thing is JBJ's fault, the card was weak anyways, the fact that they cancelled the card after losing Bones vs Hendo shows that. ZUFFA must take the blame, even if Bones turned down a fight. Also, the other day Jones said he was in this for money. Who can sell a fight like Chael P Sonnen? Answer- nobody.
  11. Poor show from Bones IMO. He's cost a lot of people money. He is catching a lot of shit from fellow fighters, not just ones who were on the card either. Bisping, Faber, Brennerman have all had a go. I really dislike Jon Jones after this, never really a fan to begin with but he is in shape, fighting a wrestler (still), and is supposed to be the greatest. He should have took the fight. For someone tht seems to really care about what his fans think, i feel it is an odd decision not to. I dont think he is afraid of Chael, I think his ego is that huge now he thinks he is bigger than the company and
  12. This may come as a surprise to you, but you don't NEED to listen to the commentary. Commentary is one of the hardest thing to do entertainment wise, talking for hours on end trying to keep the audience gripped. You are most likely the minority here pal. RIP. quality commentator.
  13. I was on the edge of my seat for the last four laps. The way he powered powered through at the end to fight off all challengers was fantastic. Amazing, special athlete. Think I read somewhere he ran around 120 miles per week in preparation for the games. Just astonishing. Never thought id find myself so inspired by guys running.
  14. Excellent fights all round last night. Must be seen.
  15. Fights kicking off on ESPN in 20 mins. Vera vs Shogun main event, Machida/Bader, Varner/Lauzon, Swick/Johnson.
  16. Frank Mir to face Daniel Cormier in Strikeforce, in the last Havyweight fight before the division is folded. Cormier for the win, Mir is looking very slow nowadays.
  17. That's me just awake after the card on saturday. It put me into that deep a sleep. I'm all for the tactical side of the game when executed well ( Condit/Diaz for example) but those fights were just bad. Enjoyed the main event, thought Faber looked a little gunshy, but I think Barao had his number and he knew it. The boy is fucking good. I will pick him vs Cruz if that happens. How good would Barao vs McDonald be? What happened to the co main? Good gameplan by Boetsch, not getting into a brawl with Lombard, but I thought he lost the fight. Lombard has no cunt to blame but himself, he never real
  18. Cheers for the update. Magumbo's career isn't exactly taking off. Poor choice to join hull.
  19. Anyone see Marquardt's finish of Tyron Woodley at te weekend? Fucking epic. Look it up, bad ass as it gets. Nate looked awesome at 170.
  20. that punch from Garcia should have ended the fight imo. You get hit behind the ear, takes away your balance and vision. Almost like fighting whilst steaming. Khan was out on his feet, legs gone, eyes glazed. Look at this stoppage vs the Haye/Chisora stoppage. Khan was given a lot more time to recover, but seemed to be fighting on pure instinct. he never once tried to tie Garcia up and go on the defensive to give himself time to recover. Never really liked the lad, hopefully this loss will humble him and get him back to the drawing board. Say what you like about his chin, but he still has seri
  21. On Bloodzeed website there will be an adress, copy and paste into the adress bar in sopcast.
  22. Get sopcast, google Bloodzeed. Quality stream on now.
  23. That knee was legal mate. I thought it was dodgy at first, but have seen many gifs since then that show it was good. Similar to Rashad/Tito.
  24. Few decent fights last night, one stinker ( the aforementioned Guimaraes- stittgen), and a horribly late stoppage in the main event, second only to Curran/Warren.
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