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  1. That's cool.. I just remember when the older generation thought we were weirdos and "poofs" for posting on football forums with fake names instead of being down the pub. They didn't know what they were talking about either... Times are a changing grandpa.
  2. There's lots of reasons. Let me just pre-face this by saying I don't watch twitch or even subscribe to gaming YouTubers. The community aspect is a big draw.. From that point of view it's no different than being on a football forum. People can potentially interact with thousands of other like minded individuals like you are doing on here. Others use it as a means to find new games to play... What better way to find out if a games for you by going online and watching someone play it live? Allowing you to ask questions etc in real time. No fancy editted trailers or reviews. Then yo
  3. No worries mate. Just so people don't think i'm talking shite.
  4. That's cause GAME are bumping bastards. Tesco have the PS5(and I assume ps4) version for £40 - clubcard price. Been pretty easy to pre-order it online for under £45 too. But yeah, it is one of the games that comes with a free upgrade. I've not played a RE since number 4. I was tempted by Village - but the story is only like 9-10 hours long so I'll wait until it's under £20 I think. Once the initial release hype dies down the discounts will deep. Not much replay value as you can't go back for collectibles when the story is over... So there will be lots on the pre-owned market very so
  5. deserves it's own thread rather than sharing one with the Xbone. Few announcements today regarding the PS4's launch capabilities.
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