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  1. Pretty sure Kamara is right footed? (Although he's pretty comfortable with either). Aribo is left footed.
  2. If there's no Balogun or Patterson: Arfield has played both RM and LM in his time. Not ideal but with his experience and given how we play he could definitely do a job at RB for a handful of games. Fingers crossed Tav is back soon.
  3. He's decent. This Antwerp team seem to leave him exposed though. He would actually excel in our team.
  4. They are going route one now. Two 6'5" strikers upfront.
  5. Lamkel Ze is a handful, anoher big cunt but he likes to mix it up with defenders. Goldson and Helander will need to becareful with him due to VAR. Seems they've left Mbokani out of the squad which is good news.
  6. 2018/19 technically. However it can definitely be argued that Rodgers done most of the graft that season. Lennon just tagged on for the last few months. Truly outstanding stat none the less.
  7. Anyone played Days Gone? It's got a ps5 upgrade so I finally decided to play it(ps+ collection). Still early doors but as someone who's not typically a fan of zombie games, I'm really enjoying it!
  8. Iakona

    Ryan Kent

    What I really liked was how many times he busted his ass to get back and help Balogun with Lukaku last night. Even when it should have been another player doubling up, Kent was still zooming in from out of nowhere to get stuck in.
  9. Halliday has mentioned several times that he doesn't rate Alfie as a good finisher. He's abit Novo-ish in the sense that he does better when he's not got time to think.
  10. Terrible finish. Showed the keeper exactly where he was putting it.
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