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  1. Helander was at Malmö last time we played them. Hopefully he can help us settle the score if they get by HJK.
  2. What in my post was made up? Everything included was widely spouted last summer... Sadly not just by mhanks either as there was many posters on here who seemingly agreed with them.
  3. I added Defoe because that's when we signed him permanently... prior to last summer he was on an 18 month loan. Defoe, Bassey and McLaughlin were the only players who were signed to be back up.. everyone else was to compete for the first 11. As I said, our position last summer was "bottle merchants" and "serial losers." It wasn't just the Mhanks who thought that either. Our best players like Morelos(Lille), Kent(Leeds) and Barasic(Leeds) apparently wanted out. Gerrard was only still in a job because of covid whilst players like Tav and Goldson personified the loser mentality at our club.
  4. I mean the mhanks spent last summer claiming we had a shitter of a summer transfer window. Whilst they were spunking millions on "proven quality" from the top leagues.(Duffy, Ajeti, Elyounoussi, Laxalt ect) we were adding the below players to a squad of "bottle merchants" and "serial losers" and our best players wanted out. Balogun - injury prone, wrong side of 30 and a journeyman playing in a horrible team in the championship. Bassey - no senior appearances or experience. Itten - only ever had 1 good season for a middle of the road Swiss team. Roofe - expensive, injur
  5. Just picked up the legendary edition. Not long started but I'm trying to get through 1 as quickly as possible to be honest. Can't wait to get stuck into number 2 again
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    Kingdom come: Deliverance Dragon Age Inquisition Witcher 3 A Plague tale: Innocence Skyrim is great, but it's at its best during the open world, encounters and exploration etc The above games are all far better at story telling in my opinion. Think most of these are on games pass too. The dragon age series is heavily influenced by the books that game of thrones is based on If you like telltales games.. the actual game of thrones one is decent enough for what it is. It's more of an interactive story than a game though.
  8. Got on for the last 9 mins in a 2-1 defeat to Peru.
  9. As BiB said, stick with it, once you start unlocking abilities it gets alot better. Plus Blades of chaos. If nothing else the story is worth the ride. If all else is lost just play on easy, you can pretty much glide through the combat sections without much thought.
  10. Just finished Ghost of Tsushima 20 minutes ago. From the first moment until the last, it's gripping. I was genuinely sad when the credits hit, but I'm gonna mop up all the Mongol bases now. It's not just a game, it's art!
  11. From the ones I've been too Ibrox Nou Camp Yankee stadium
  12. That's cool.. I just remember when the older generation thought we were weirdos and "poofs" for posting on football forums with fake names instead of being down the pub. They didn't know what they were talking about either... Times are a changing grandpa.
  13. There's lots of reasons. Let me just pre-face this by saying I don't watch twitch or even subscribe to gaming YouTubers. The community aspect is a big draw.. From that point of view it's no different than being on a football forum. People can potentially interact with thousands of other like minded individuals like you are doing on here. Others use it as a means to find new games to play... What better way to find out if a games for you by going online and watching someone play it live? Allowing you to ask questions etc in real time. No fancy editted trailers or reviews. Then yo
  14. No worries mate. Just so people don't think i'm talking shite.
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