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  1. I sent Premier sports a screenshot of their stream(including the spelling mistakes within their apology). They haven't replied, but they refunded my monthly subscription. I was definitely being a Karen.. but fuck em!
  2. and if no Premership clubs are interested? Do we just let them rot in the reserves instead? All that matters is they are out playing first team football.
  3. I've always had success with it, it's super easy to use too.
  4. File Scavenger has always bailed me out when shit has hit the fan. It's even managed to recover data on corrupted drives.
  5. This guy Wish we got him a few years sooner. Quickly became one of my favourite ever Rangers players.
  6. Aye, it'll be a great help when our nasty bastard is sent off within 30 minutes. As others haver said... we have seen how someone like Morelos is treated by officials. If we had a midfielder that was known to leave a foot in, he'd be off after the first challenge.
  7. Again, that wasn't my point. I'm not saying Gerrard is on the same level as Smith. The topic is Gerrards record away to the bigger teams.. Everyone's slaughtering it when infact it's not any worse than Walter Smiths. We all know where Gerrard is failing... it's the games against Hamilton, Livingston etc.
  8. None of that matters here.. the crux of the matter is it's not easy to go these grounds and pick up wins. Even someone like Smith and all know how and experience struggled. Why are we expecting a rookie manager who arguably has a tougher job on his hands to do any better? Gerrards issue is been dropping daft points to the likes of Hamilton. Not his away record against the "best of the rest"
  9. Mental isn't it.. It's almost like we don't have a god given right to go to these places and win all the time.
  10. Walter Smiths record away to Hibs, Hearts, Dundee Utd and Aberdeen in 07/08 and 08/09 Dundee: Played 4 - Won 1 Aberdeen: Played 4 - Won 0 Hibs: Played 6 - Won 3 Hearts: Played 3 - Won 1
  11. I think he meant we hadn't won in 12 games rather than lost. Although the actual figure pre-Gerrard was 11 games without a win.
  12. Iakona


    I just don't see how Itten fits in to our team. We don't play with a traditional 9 as Gerrard wants our main striker running the channels and dropping deep to create space for others to play in. I just don't see Itten as that kind of player. Truthfully would Ajeti have scored 4 goals.if he played for us? Doubtful. I'm not writing Itten off, I just think Gerrard needs to start utilising player strengths correctly. It feels like Gerrard just tries to mould the players into fitting his preferred formation rather than just playing players in their strongest positions.
  13. It's all abit Warburtony - Plan B is just to do Plan A better.
  14. Like the last round, one game at a time. Willem II are no mugs and deserve our full respect.
  15. "The so called champions path" Mhanks emailing UEFA as we speak - "we urr the championz."
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