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  1. Most of the fans who turn up on semi-final day aren't actually supporters of the club who are playing. It's a family day out/piss up for their local community, even for non football fans. Then you've got the gloryhunters who will tell you they are either Rangers or celtic fans on the other 364 days a year. Yet have a soft spot for their local team when it suits. I live in the Highlands now and the amount of people who claim to support Rangers and Inverness or celtic and Inverness is weird. (same with County)
  2. Aye, because of the compact nature of the Scottish cup this year it works out pretty well. I took it out yesterday, so all going well that will be an an old firm, a quarter final and a semi final for £13. As much as I hate Premier I can't argue with that.
  3. Yup. The only round they don't have any sort of exclusivity is the final. (shared with BBC) If we get into the Semi, I'd imagine they'll pick our game too.
  4. Problem is football fans are fickle as fuck, especially the current generation of young adults who have grown up with the Hollywood version of the Premier League. So many will posture and show defiance.. until it actually happens... then all the broadcasters and the majority of fans will fall in line leaving the clubs free to chase Asian, African and American cash.
  5. Correct. The club's will end up making pledges to invest money from the ESL back into the domestic leagues and the FA's and their members will bend over and take it right up the hoop. That's assuming UEFA don't cave first.
  6. It's funny how many English football fans are now outraged.. yet they stood by and even welcomed foreign investment whilst the likes of UEFA having been doing their bit over the last 20 years to make the champions League a closed shop. The game of football has been imploding for a long time now.. but it didn't matter because the big leagues were benefiting. Countless domestic leagues and big teams around europe have crumbled... But now that the big leagues are at risk it's all of a sudden a crisis. Regardless I'd still hate to see this European league come to fruition.. it's just the
  7. Not really sure that's a punishment.. ultimately these clubs are trying to get away from the champions League.
  8. Unfortunately in the modern game, winning things isn't actually a requirement to be considered the best or the biggest. It's all about the brand and how it can be sold. Football is dead.
  9. I suggest you check your bank account. Because even if by some miracle you are paying monthly(spam X for doubt) - the £2.74 advertised doesn't even include tax.
  10. Your mobile phone contract is tied to your credit file. You bail on that it leaves you with an actual "mark" against your name... it's classed as a form of loan/credit. A subscription to amazon or NordVPN wouldn't be like that as it's not a loan nor credit. You would essentially just be making an informal promise to stick around for 2 years... The only punishment for breaking the "agreement" is them blacklisting your email/account/payment card.
  11. You can it costs £8.84... The discounted price is only offered to those who are willing to commit long term by handing over a wad of cash on day 1. It's not a new a new concept, this type of subscription model was used pre-internet for magazines and shit. Now even the likes of Amazon use it for Prime memberships. Offering pay monthly on their discounted plan would make the regular monthly fee abit redundant wouldnt it..? Plus they can't guarantee people would commit for 2 years on pay monthly... people would definitely just force an early cancellation after afew months by block
  12. He will have done. It's the only way to get the discount. (Stops people signing up for a month and canceling) If you don't want to commit long term it's £8.84 p/m
  13. Seems to run at 4k 60 fps without any real issues! Had afew little drops in cutscenes but other than that.. perfect!
  14. To be fair to celtic... No one won the "turning a corner" award more than them this season.
  15. Finally getting stuck into Ghost of Tsushima. Looks gorgeous and buttery smooth 60fps. Glad I held off so I could play it on the ps5.
  16. Lacazette staring into their souls.
  17. I addressed that in the post further up when I said materials are finite and there's a lot of different industries competing for them. But the shortage has absolutely intensified demand and even when production finally ramps up, there's a massive backlog of consumers and opportunists waiting to pounce because of the frenzy that has been generated. I mean loads of businesses have struggled over the last year to get office spec kits for home working - my partners work gave her a 6 year old piece of shit laptop cause that's all they could get. Lenovo shipped something like 87m laptops last y
  18. Aye I'm talking about right now though. The ps5 was initially harder to get for sure. I still periodically follow the stock alerts and the ps5 is currently in stock more frequently than the series x. As you said getting either really comes down to luck of the draw. Unfortunately the retailers aren't really arsed about who the console goes to... They got their money regardless. Sony and Microsoft are doing everything they can to get consoles out there though. Truthfully I don't see this settling down until well into next year. Demand for technology is still unprecedented.
  19. It's technically harder to get a Series X than a PS5 right now. PS5's are dropping more frequently... Albeit they are still selling out almost instantly so it doesn't really feel like it. Either way, the chips inside the PS5 are the same ones that are used inside the series x. So.. as above both Sony and Microsoft are currently struggling.
  20. I mean it's not. Alot of the factories in China etc were shut down during covid. It's also worth noting Sony and Microsoft don't manufacture the Chips themselves, it's done by a company called AMD. AMD do alot more than produce chips for games consoles... With a huge demand for all sorts of electronic hardware over the last year due to home working etc, they have to balance the needs of competing demands. If you think it's tough getting a ps5/series x try and buy a top tier graphics card for a pc right now. (Which are used for far more than gaming) The materials used to manufact
  21. Ideal player to have as back up... And with uncertainty regarding Helander and Goldson staying on... We do need to keep some consistency within the squad. I only mention Goldson as he is going into the last year of his deal.. if he's reluctant to extend we may try and cash in this summer.
  22. Iakona

    FIFA 21

    Aye, I get you. The next gen version is alot better - it's playable anyway! I normally play exclusively as Rangers but it was too much this time round. Dominating teams yet I always felt like I was still having to cling on for dear life... People would just start firing long shots with the likes of Kroos or De Bruyne and eventually one or two would go by McGregor.
  23. Iakona

    FIFA 21

    If you adjust the matchmaking settings you can restrict the level of team you'll come up against. But if you're on ps5/series x be prepared to wait a very long time for a match. The user base for those consoles is still tiny, so naturally there isn't many players using 4* teams... as you go up the divisions it gets even smaller. Probably better of just playing the old gen version if you want to play games with Rangers.
  24. 1) theres no guarantee that we will be playing in the CL. There's better teams than Slavia in the qualifiers. We can definitely achieve it, but it's not a forgone conclusion. 2) You're a Rangers fan who has probably spent your whole life dreaming of playing for us... It literally means everything to you. For our English players their dreams are to play in the biggest league in the world and represent their country.
  25. Aye just the money.. nothing to do with players wanting to test themselves in the most watched league in the world.. against some of the biggest names(clubs and players) in football whilst playing in world famous stadiums every other week. Alternatively they can stay in Scotland competing against league 1 quality teams in half empty grounds or on fake grass in a cesspit of hatred. Always having their ability and achievements questioned because of the level they play at. If players sign for the likes of Southampton they have atleast 14 games against the likes of Man Utd, City, Chels
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