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  1. Was thinking the same, really hope it’s not what I’m thinking!! I.e Henry hoover!!!!!!!🥺🥺🤢🤢
  2. It’s all about the Rangers!!
  3. I fancy they may drop points tomorrow. Not that it really matters but icing on the cake
  4. They should be made to isolate for 14 days, that would really put a spanner in the works.. 6 games in hand!! Unsure why none of their games in hand are being played until February?!
  5. Think that’s what the halfwit came out with at the airport!
  6. ‘Yer clubs deed!’ 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  7. Rangers 1-0 celtic: 'Old Firm landscape has changed in the blink of an eye' By Tom EnglishBBC Scotland Last updated on 2 hours ago2 hours ago.From the section Scottish Premiership Rangers' win put them 19 points clear of celtic There was a time, more of an era, when celtic were so utterly dominant in Scottish football that the only thing they could see in their rear-view mirror was their own dust. Trophies by the bucketload, batterings of their Glasgow chums, the banter years. Maybe some thought those days would last forever. The club is now getting disabused of that
  8. 3 points at Aberdeen will cement our position. We’ve had a minor dip in form and they’ll lift their game against us but it’s the perfect tonic skelpin the sheep... WATP
  9. We need to start bossing the midfield like we know we can... Up steps Zungu to prove us all wrong!!
  10. Utter pish, they’re more up for it! We can put 19 points between us them today boys!!!
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