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  1. Only player to come close (within our current squad) is Connor Goldson, purely based on positions. He wouldn’t get in but close. Mols should be in there if not for the injury. Numan, Albertz, Moore very good shouts also.
  2. If he was playing well Gerrard wouldn’t have an option but to keep him on.. He’s drifted out of games
  3. He’s not the player we all thought he was during his loan spell. There’s a decent player in there but his lack of pace is frustrating. Still not sure if he’s completed 90mins this season! £9m is a decent offer based on what he currently offers. We’re all hoping he starts to become the player we think he can be, IF he does, he could be worth double that..
  4. Was sure this was the Columbian that was posting pro Rangers chat on social media, or maybe it was another Juan.
  5. Normally takes us until 5-10mins before half time to start believing, canny allow this.
  6. Toughest opponent we’ve played at ibrox since Leverkusen... Need to boss it, I say this every European game; we make them play our game, we win. We sit off them and allow them to dictate play, we’ll struggle..
  7. We should be selling the likes of tav and Barasic whilst we can demand a decent fee, only way we’ll make money/re invest.
  8. I reckon us bears are spending a pretty penny on all sorts o 55 shit the noo!! That’s me bought a t shirt, ‘limited’ shirt and whisky!!
  9. Win the Scottish cup make it past Prague get beat 7-0 in every remaining league game... yes I would take that thank you
  10. Hopefully the players believe in themselves now! We often start European games giving the opposition far too much respect. Yes they’re a good team, hence they’re in the last 16 of a European comp.. But so are we lads!!! We’re far better on the front foot, take the game to them!
  11. Shame, he’s a decent manager and wish him well... thank you for not taking the position at the mighty Rangers xx
  12. If we manage to muster a team together and get through this round... Do we protect the players for next round n field the under 14’s v the scum?!
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