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  1. What’s missed is form… and we’d better find some n fast
  2. I’ve struggled to understand exactly what’s going on here?!?! Why were the bairns booing Kamara?? Surely not racism??? Very strange stuff, or I’ve missed summin
  3. Genuinely worried about this one… Hibs are full of confidence and will run at us, our players are in hiding atm, all of them!! Just hope SG gives them a bolt up the arse n show what we all know they’re capable of. Be a right pisser going into the break off the top spot…
  4. Stale, boring, ineffective, frustrating… there better be some changes to tactics in the second half or i struggle to see where a goal comes from tbh… n we should be putting 3-4 past them
  5. I can’t see that, seems to be only available to subscribers
  6. So… can I only watch this on RTV if I 1) subscribe to ultimate package and 2) use a vpn n pretend I’m outside of uk?
  7. Anyone got a clip o his wee cheeky step over when skinned a couple o them
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