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  1. We got that as a consolation for coming third in a four team group though. They got papped out by diddies before even qualifying for the tournament.
  2. Can’t agree with this more. You want to play with the big boys in the champions league? Fine but if you’re out you’re out.
  3. Me and @Spectre just had a night getting steaming in the pub, so now it’s a spicy Chicken pizza for me from Lord of Fries. Steaming btw.
  4. To be fair Jules, the first goal he scored there against Alania was my first ever Rangers game, so I’ll give you a thumbs up for that!
  5. That’s me finally been issued a refund for my missing pre-order. I can’t say I’ll be rushing to buy a replacement.
  6. FINALLY got a response from Rangers- after THREE emails, and it’s just as shit as I would expect: Hi Bydo, Many thanks for your email. Unfortunately due to the fact there has been no information from the courier since 31/07 we have deemed your parcel lost in transit. We are launching an investigation with the courier to get to the bottom of this, please be advised this will take up to 14 working days. If your parcel is officially deemed lost in transit you shall receive a full refund. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Kind Regards, The C
  7. Fuckin ‘Roffe’. Can we blame Castore for that one!?
  8. Still haven’t had an email back about, or refund for my preorder top. They can shove their shanner Turkey top up their arses and I’ll just keep my Chinese pro (not really pro) away top, We have had to put up with a whole lot of shite but this one really is unbelievable.
  9. Came here to post this. Loved the live version that broke the barrier at the Manchester Stadium in 2005:
  10. Well the good news is that if the school said she’s an A, she’s now got an A 👍
  11. Your students? Are you in the profession as well mate?
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