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  1. To be fair we had no idea if there even would be a season until very late on, nor did we know if there would be any fans in attendance (spoiler: there wasn’t)
  2. I thought it was announced that our tops would have UNIBET on them from next season?
  3. I haven’t been visiting or posting a lot over the last few months, the amount of shite I have had thrown at me since October includes my maw breaking her neck after falling down the stairs, then her almost dying from a UTI and being told to expect the worst. We also had unexpected parenthood brought upon us, as we have been given kinship custody of my seven year old nephew to save him from foster care. We had to leave our house just before Christmas as the landlord sold the place from underneath us. My maw, who fought so hard back from the UTI, now she’s been diagnosed with lung cancer. T
  4. There’s nothing I want more than to have a massive huge sesh after the last nine years- the bash to end all bashes. This will make up for being present at three cup final losses (one in the junkies backyard against Raith fucking Rovers), numerous semi final losses, embarrassment in the board room and on the pitch, sports direct boycotts, Season Ticket boycotts, only 14,000 watching Raith fucking Rovers (again) beat us on the coldest, wettest night I’ve ever had at Ibrox, Charles Green’s Christmas message, “Darkie Johnson”, Craig fucking Mather (remember him?), getting escorted from my sea
  5. This is my first post in a while as I’ve had a fucking terrible end to 2020 personally and haven’t had much to say. But this is it boys. It’s been a decade of absolute fucking torture and it’s finally coming to an end. They are finally getting what they deserve and when that day comes in April or May? We all better fucking celebrate like we have never celebrated before. Fifty fucking five.
  6. Fuckin sick of this shite honestly.
  7. Here it comes, more disappointment.
  8. Hahaha. So much for us gong back top today. Fucking disgraceful.
  9. Yeah it was the away top the same season as the OP- and it was a fucking cracker.
  10. Should’ve been passed to by Forrester...
  11. Just seen this. All the very best to you and yours Scott. Thank you for all the videos, but family is everything. We are all thinking of you.
  12. Don’t start that nonsense. Don’t wanna sound like them.
  13. Shite draw but really no excuse to not get to the semis
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