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  1. Who the fuck would buy Goldson after the last three games?
  2. If games were won on the back of fan support we would be on five in a row just now. Unfortunately they aren’t, and it’s quite alright for us to come on there and criticise the team and not mention the fantastic support, because that’s always a given and doesn’t need highlighted.
  3. Honestly sitting here in disbelief about just how badly we fucked it. To lose two goals at the start of the second half AGAIN is bad enough, but to do it against ten men is scandalous. Our defence is nowhere near as good as we have been made to believe, and what is worse is that teams will see that and learn lessons about how to open us up. Numerous times we were cut open with complete ease while we couldn’t even beat the first man with a cross from either side, and our corners were atrocious too. Fucking scunnerred.
  4. Aye yous are all going and I’m not, but bet you can’t have a wank at half time if you wanted. Up yeez.
  5. 5.10pm - 5:30pm Absolutely no fucking chance that is happening.
  6. Online ticket system is a fucking shambles. Been allocated a Real ticket but can’t actually seem to buy one.
  7. No idea on Earth why you’d want to get rid of Bassey. The lad has done well when covering for Barisic.
  8. I’m guessing you only had them to win in 90 mins or AET… Winning on penalties doesn’t count unless you had them to win the tournament outright.
  9. I was just at the trophy day at the Doubletree Hilton in Glasgow (and not the actual Hilton that the ticket told me it was, so turned up at the wrong hotel and had to run up the town). The trophy looked fucking stunning in person, a right big bastard too. We also met Derek Johnstone and I asked him if “he had been at it all week” to which he said “excuse me?!”
  10. They’ve actually upped the threshold from what it was before- I assume to try and ensure that not too many of the members who were near the top of silver manage your get in. Not sure I’m happy with that at all.
  11. I need a hit of heroin
  12. I’ve got more than just fuckin fat neck syndrome these days.
  13. Aye, I felt the same. The fit is great but that collar is almost choking me.
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