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  1. Would be a shortage of bed sheets while those cunts made banners 😂
  2. If we keep this form and then put them to the sword on the 2nd we’ll pull away a massively from them, Their confidence is shot to bits
  3. The Chinese Pro Version has been rumoured as well same stuff the players get £300 though
  4. Give it a month before the sponsor starts peeling off along with the castore logo on the back of the neck
  5. Would be funny as fuck if they went abroad and their full squad ended up riddled with it from the camp
  6. Scottish Rugby hasn’t been hijacked by nationalists due to demographics. It’s generally followed by people who are a bit wealthier and middle class, and from my own experience tend to be more unionist
  7. Nice wee compromise would be get the title wrapped up well in advance and then the crowds get back in for the season ending
  8. get them plastered around queen street and buchanan street to cover up the gay brigades ones
  9. where can you buy them in the uk preferably not in the net just want low dose ones to start off with?
  10. Thought id bump this as i was wondering if taking this is safe and if i took it for a short period of time to burn off fat to get leaner would it pile back on as soon as i stopped using it?
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