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  1. Goalkeepers need to get it right 100% of the time when dealing with a shot to stop a goal , strikers only need to get it right once to score
  2. How much do the official day trips normally cost
  3. We need to invest heavily in a clinical striker in January, got slaughtered for saying this last season , Morelos should have got punted out on loan in January with an option to buy clause at an interested team like Lille , he’s been fucking woeful for a long time
  4. Can we start one up in the Govan rear so we can throw our prawn sandwiches and shillings at the urchins
  5. That’s the level we’re playing at in Scotland when it comes to quality of the league and money available
  6. Hope so mate they are fucking ruthless over there when it comes to suing people, look what they did to penn state
  7. Be funny as fuck if they based it on size of stadium and not ticket sales ,
  8. He’s like a shite Pedro at least Pedro was a mad bastard sometimes and looked like he had a it of passion 😂
  9. How many extra my Gers points do I get for being double vaxxed?
  10. Should do both games on a Saturday , one at Murrayfield and one at Hampdump, never going to happen but can dream
  11. I think folk don’t actually realise how easy it is to have a discussion with Rangers about this stuff 😂, I’ve spoke to the club about advertising and prices and we talked about partnerships like the BioWave one or the energy drink one , if you make contacts it’s no exactly hard to have the chat. Cinch and the SPFL acting like they’ve had some high level negotiations is a piss take
  12. Queue was bad in GR5 for the Lyon game the other night but fine on Sunday , doesn’t help that it’s next to the ticket office and sometimes merges together
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