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  1. Union Bears do a tribute to the brave men who fought against tyrrany for king and country in the Great War, Green Brigade do a tribute to a republican terrorist who spent his final days starving to death covered in his own shit
  2. I remember something like this being sold at one of the POTY dinners , think it was end of 3rd division season and the easdales outbid a fan to buy it and got fucking booed 😂
  3. Disappointed in you mate ....... should have signed that off No Surrender
  4. It’s difficult would like an easier tie like molde, but now might be the best time to get a glamour tie as they’re more likely to take the competition less seriously at this stage and field a weaker team.
  5. Is Gerard basically saying fuck you to the SFA with these subs 😂 hope zungu scores
  6. told me to return it to the shop when it reopens
  7. They’ve been working on them since last week think the plans are to have them up ASAP so they can test them out for rest of the season
  8. Don’t know if it’s ever been done before but surely for his service the man deserves a testimonial , bit mental for a kit man but he deserves a good send off
  9. He’s a dying breed and a true professional. He wants to keep playing but knows he won’t get enough time on the pitch here as he likes so he’s off to seek out other opportunities instead of sitting in the stands collecting a pay cheque . He will be a big loss to that dressing room and the club in general he’s came across as a positive role model to the other players. really hope we can get him back one day in a coaching role . He’ll leave a champion with everyone’s best wishes and a bit of regret he’s decided to move on
  10. Who’s the guy making the original ones for like £3?
  11. Would love the money to go for fireworks or another flyover but I can understand why they’ve stuck to what they said, means you can’t have people backtracking and saying I didn’t donate for it used for xyz
  12. I wanted to buy one but the price put me off thank fuck I never bought it 😂
  13. Anyone recommend where I could get a decent 55 flag ?
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