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  1. I think it depends on age etc I was in my early teens when novo played for us and a lot of young bears looked at him like a hero , scored loads of important goals in big games and against the mutants. He also got what it means to play for rangers and played his heart out
  2. I thought it was weird you were painting Walter smith on a fence but finished article looks class 😂
  3. Down to 10 men as well get it up ye ya bunch of hammer throwing cunts
  4. We’re missing a poacher in the box , we’d be out of sight by now
  5. Not as disappointed at missing out on the livi ballot now 😂
  6. The fact that very soon they’ll have the goblin brigade back in that stadium is gonna be fucking hilarious
  7. I thought they’d stopped the kneeling after the kudela incident ?
  8. And let’s paint a happy little Morelos here
  9. Makes you wonder how they’re going to continue justifying it going forward, no welcome packs , the points don’t make sense basically fuck all benefit to anyone who’s bought it 😂
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