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  1. Fire with fire https://www.ethicalstandards.org.uk/make-complaint
  2. Fight fire with fire get the complaints in https://www.ethicalstandards.org.uk/make-complaint
  3. Be funny as fuck if a protest got organised at the Scottish parliament over that muppets tweet 😂
  4. WINNING our 55th league title in our 150th year was a historic day for Rangers Football Club. The support from millions of our fans across the world has been incredible. The achievement by Steven Gerrard and his team has received plaudits from across the football family, including recognition by sports writers, opposition players and managers. We are grateful to Scottish Government officials, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland for the constructive engagement in the lead up to the weekend’s game. We worked closely with the authorities for two weeks before Saturday’s match to en
  5. Dignified silence and dignified responses are why we’re in the situation we are in , demonised by every corner of society, we could have had a Palestine RSC at that demo yesterday and the cunts would accuse us of anti semitism
  6. Hard lesson learned man but people setting fireworks off while holding them in their hands in a crowd is daft as fuck I find it hard to feel sympathy for people that are thick as fuck
  7. Another fanny that won’t be able to see ten in a row again
  8. Twitters full of them 😂, I’d fear for my life going out in a Celtic top now, the wee Green Brigade fannys have acted the plastic hard man for years and have now been firmly been put back in their place. Hope this has opened a lot of people’s eyes in government as well we’re taking our country back bit by bit
  9. The fight back is on time to reclaim what’s ours , that trophy and this fucking country, No Surrender !
  10. Drove through Harthill last night Union jacks and rangers flags on every lamppost ready for trophy day
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