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  1. Doing a raffle is a good idea as well mate then you’ll know what you like to get , if you need something to fetch around £200 , 50 tickets at £2 a pop raffle done for said item when all tickets are sold
  2. I bought a pair of jeans online in a sale for £70 marked down from £155, got an email a few days later saying they were out of stock and an apology. They then proceeded to offer me the £155 ones for £70 which is mental but it’s top notch customer service
  3. Looks class, the club could make the tunnel gold plated and diamond encrusted with wood salvaged from Bill struths original desk and cunts would still Moan about it.
  4. Put your tin foil hat on and get back under your rock ya goblin
  5. How many people are already in the stadium during the locked down games anyway when you count first team squad, backroom staff , security personnel, tv personnel etc ?
  6. If they had been honest about the fuck ups from the start people would be much more forgiving.
  7. Anyone need their mortgage or protection reviewed give me a shout 😂
  8. Someone take a bad batch of gear ?😂
  9. No chance I’d risk him even for a run out today
  10. Maybe Morelos being benched is what this squads needed
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