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  1. Big big results for Wednesday today Jeff Stelling screaming on Sky for Dave Jones to be sacked at Hartlepool
  2. Dont know mate but at the end of this season I will be !00% British 100% Wednesday and 100% RANGERS
  3. Hate to say but the Fenian is one hell of a keeper
  4. Sorry for this rant lads but why does every commentator and their fuckin side kicks think the toooooooon are some sort of wonder team And Westwood had that Shelvey effort covered
  5. Firstly congrats to the darkside of Sheffield but why do refs want to suck off Geordies all the time ?
  6. Wednesday are 150 yrs old next year and supporters were asked to design the 3rd strip this one won I think its a cracker
  7. Do us a favour and tell us your seat number
  8. What's this got to do with Rangers I will tell you what this has got to do with Rangers
  9. Since MW took over can we really with hand on heart say that any player he has brought in is worth more now to Rangers or their parent club
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