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  1. It wasn't a night in question it was a Sunday morning at breakfast
  2. Its not pish 3 people know and unless LB says its ok to say what happened only 3 will know
  3. What happens in the Euro stays in the Euro
  4. Who wears a chain with headphones on it
  5. There are three people who know what really happened Me LB and Dory KAI was asleep on the top bunk in Dory`s bedroom
  6. Me too dodging work tomorrow fuckem Blackthorn Reserve 5.5 % 9ltr Iceland free delivery
  7. Been off work today spent a lot of time tweaking the fire box
  8. look don't mock the afflicted talking of afflicted might have to give simmy a ring for something to do on the Saturday night
  9. Mate has got me a ticket for Thistle first away game in Scotland ( went to Leipzig ) should be fun
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