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  1. Do us a favour and tell us your seat number
  2. What's this got to do with Rangers I will tell you what this has got to do with Rangers
  3. Since MW took over can we really with hand on heart say that any player he has brought in is worth more now to Rangers or their parent club
  4. Just wondering if I came up without a PM loyal meet you might be out for a few, promise I wont be pished as I was on Leipzig station
  5. Mate I meant today but fuckem I am British and fuckin` proud people say down here your English I say no I`m not I am British born in England
  6. Watched it on TV and they booed Rule Britannia
  7. I Cant remember checking into the hotel
  8. I am back on the 5th of March for 5 days cant wait
  9. Cant believe how that happened stood talking then you said I`m BEE on Rangers media
  10. Finished up with some Chelsea lads in the train bar fuckin` wrecked mate
  11. I swapped mine with a guy in the bar on Leipzig station and the fuckin` police confiscated it saying it was a Locomotive Leipzig Hooligan scarf
  12. Me too mate sat here like billy no mates
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