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  1. You're correct. My friend goes to the odd sellik game with zander when he's not playing for the saints. Maybe clarkey is thinking of zander clark from Tollcross. He has a wee brother.
  2. Hi will Arson is not tolerated on RangersMedia unless it involves Bluepeter9. Any more threats like that and you will be taking a break from the forum.
  3. A real Rangers man. Can mind him coming to Ibrox with Motherwell and we gave him a heroes welcome which he loved then Mols tore him a new arsehole Doubt we or Scotland will ever be blessed with a keeper of his ability ever again. He was ridiculous and he hated those bastards with a passion. What's not to love.
  4. I just Googled it mate and it says that is a special version of the game. Only has 9 teams and can play at 2 arenas. It's a permanent trial version. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2016-11-24-pes-2017-has-a-permanent-trial-edition?client=ms-android-samsung https://www.konami.com/wepes/2017/us/en-us/page/f2p/
  5. I've been caught with that as well but I am shite tbf! Can you not fanny around with your player instructions and stop some of your defenders from going forward at corners?
  6. I'm sure that's been an issue in the past few Fifas. You can almost always run through the opponents team right from the kickoff after their goal. I normally have to take risks and slide tackle like fuck to break it.
  7. I'm sure they're around 120/130k each.
  8. I want Sanchez and Vidal but they're a tad expensive. Considered selling Higuain from my Calcio A team but he only brings in around 70k.
  9. I'm shite but have a few teams. EPL is my main one but I packed Higuain so he slots into my La Liga and Seria A team. Also have the full Rangers team and they do surprising well against top notch players. My shooting is horrendous this year and I know it's me as I have Costa, Coutinho and Higuain and I fluff chance after chance.
  10. I spent a right few thousand on the kits and badge. Most expensive purchase tbh as I got FIFA points with the game so just taking packs and selling the contents.
  11. I'm still shite but delighted I have my team named Rangers with the kits and badge. Ultimate team is threadbare but I'm just a greedy cunt and want a great team right away.
  12. The wee man played the demo today and said he wants this and FIFA 17, looks alright.
  13. I echo the excitement of playing as us again, my Ultimate Team name is still Rangers even in Fifa 16 so will be great to use our badges and strips again.
  14. Biggest threat in Britain right now aint Muslims, it's women and cathorlics.
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