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  1. Has Bluepeter9 explained why he threw it yet? I heard he was trying to hit Morelos.
  2. He was on it on Saturday night until his amigo called him and told him that Rangers had a player who would be making regular trips to Columbia and back. This is the opportunity Carlos has been waiting for.
  3. Going to be a decent test of the squad, as far as I’m aware we play Saturday then Thursday, then Sunday and Tuesday(Ayr),
  4. Did they finish any of their other chances? Did you watch us under Walter Smith’s first spell? Dominating an old firm match doesn’t give you the divine right to win anything. Their solitary goal came from what should have been a free kick for us. We were shite but that is factual.
  5. How can anyone claim that wasn’t a foul? Fucksake, hahaha. They couldn’t score apart from that, it was pivotal in the match.
  6. No going to fall out with Bears over it. If you think that was shite and no better than last season then fair enough, all about opinions. I believe we had the tools to beat them which IMO is better than last season. I just seen a backs to the wall performance as someone mentioned in the Walter Smith sense and we were unlucky as the goal shouldn't have stood due to a foul in our half. Onwards and upwards.
  7. There was a big improvement there mate, last season that would have been 5-0. Any loss is absolute dog shite but that was a clear foul in the lead up to their goal. Bar that we defended like we did in Russia. At Ibrox we will go at them.
  8. Agree with that regarding the bench, that Albanian boy will give us a wee but extra but tbh I wanted another out and out striker.
  9. Based on what I’ve witnessed in other games. We were too soft today, the gaffer isn’t daft. I expect a change at Ibrox.
  10. Just an off day, we will beat them at Ibrox.
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