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  1. The recruitment of players since gerrard has came in is fucking embarrassing. We had a lot of shitebag and dross players when he was appointed. And we still have the same type of players now only some of them are older now. And we have absolutely no phisicality throughout the squad never mind the first 11 and you need than in this backwater of a country to succeed.
  2. Ffs mate where is your faith in the team we can still score six in the second half
  3. Im the same mate just in from work now but i leave at 3.30am in the morning so one cider each half is all im allowed by the missus as im driving so early brutal right enough.
  4. Just phoned the glenroy mate they are showing the gers game.
  5. Im no there mate im working up in broughty ferry but will get home just in time for kick off
  6. the glenroy will have the game on mate i usually nip in there for a pint when im down at the park with my dog for a walk. Met a few bears in there over the years and they have all the sports channels on the tv.
  7. 1-0 to the gers,no injuries and a clean sheet will do me
  8. Stupid tarrier bastards i expect nothing less from the scummy bastards.
  9. I want to know what happened to the high energy, high press game we were promised by Gerrard when he first came in and in fairness were actually carrying out while winning and scoring lots of goals in most of the games in the early part of the season anyway. All of a sudden he adopted a more cautious approach and to be honest the European and scum games apart we now play with a slower tempo, look more laboured take too many touches and frankly we are now very boring to watch. But the main thing after the livi game we don't look to have learned how to beat a team that sets up defensively against us and this is my biggest worry. He needs to try different formations and be more attack minded or we will suffer the same fate as the past two seasons under him.
  10. I said the exact same thing to my missus when we were watching the game on Sunday. The fact he was just standing there doing nothing. Yet in Europe he is always very animated.
  11. Well said mate fuck them all no one likes us we don't care.
  12. This is what dissapoints me most about Gerrard he was himself a bit of a physical midfielder yet he has had three seasons to add that type of player to our midfield and to other areas of the team and has failed miserably. We are still being bullied by the diddy teams like Livingston and probably Kilmarnock on Saturday and for Rangers players that is a fucking disgrace. We are as soft as shite all over the park apart from when Alfie is on his game and shagger but that is it. The rest are like wee fucking boys. Also when he came in there was a lot of dead wood to get rid of and after nearly every window there is more dead wood the recruitment for the money spent has been awful and that's me being polite. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see this lot winning anything again this year they will bottle it again.
  13. I turned it off when he said the intensity was there what fucking game was he watching.
  14. I'm no confident this fucking shower can win anything and it kills me to say that but they do not have the bottle required to win anything I hope I am proved wrong but I very much fucking doubt it.
  15. I agree kamara and Jack are breaking up the play but surely they can push up along with the forwards and help the cause. Too defensive the whole midfield and we are missing aribo big-time.
  16. Midfield are a fucking joke mate and it's causing hagi and Kent to come too deep and no one is pushing forward. Terrible performance so far utter dross.
  17. The whole midfield is posted missing no urgency no desire to link up with the forward players.
  18. We were lucky back then because we had lots of players and managers that were indeed Rangers giants.
  19. Great story mate we were so lucky to have watched the gers back in that era. I want to win 55 So much but more so for the gers fans that have suffered and have never seen us win the league or a major trophy.hopefully this will at last be a successful season for everyone connected with the gers.
  20. The junkies battered Livingston and they are pish I don't think we will have any problem doing the same.
  21. I remember that too mate he was flying into tackles from the kick off lol but that was just big tam a born winner like most of the Rangers players in that era.
  22. A wee insight into big tam. many years ago when I was at school I came over to ibrox to buy a ticket for a game from the ticket window at the main door. Who remembers that lol. anyway I was too late there were no tickets left but stan on the door went and had a word with big tam who promptly pulled out an envelope with his comps in it and came over to me and said there you go wee man enjoy the game and he gave me one of the tickets from the envelope. I will never forget that gesture he was a hero of mine even before that day and has been a hero to me ever since. Rip big man sleep easy.
  23. Sad news rest in peace big tam you will always be my hero.
  24. Wasn't that great a performance but three points and no injuries will do me everytime Roll on sunday.
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