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  1. Thought the same when I was playing it yesterday. The teams cracking with the live ratings this week! Halliday is outstanding on this IMO
  2. Sitting behind the door when I came in, result
  3. Cheers lads. Hopefully in the house for me coming in from work tomorrow.
  4. Shopto dispatched mines at 13:55 today. Chances of it being it tomorrow?
  5. Picked it up in Tesco earlier and just sat and downloaded the option files and put them on since. Had a few games inbetween, really enjoying it. Just finishing off putting the option files in then going to get myself stuck into a master league. Not played PES since Ps2 so looking forward to it.
  6. Can't stop playing the demo. Going to the be the first Pro Evo I've bought since PES6. Anyone know where it's cheapest to buy? Going to pick it up on the way home from Ibrox.
  7. Anyone received a code? I know they tweeted saying be patient but I want it for finishing work
  8. Away on holiday with the Mrs that weekend. Planned it round the international break so I wouldn't miss one of our games... Fucking friendlies in September
  9. I got career mode aswell. First time I've ever got one and I've played Fifa pretty much every day since 2002
  10. We've all to fall asleep on the 6th minute to mark this boring as fuck shite patter. Sick of these campaigns on social media to get folk to do stuff on a certain minute. Get it to fuck.
  11. Really can't wait for this now. When the league cup was announced I honestly couldn't have been less arsed about these fixtures bar maybe Motherwell. But the signings we've made and the way we played in the second 45 on Saturday has made me look forward to them. Cant wait to get back to my seat either!
  12. We're cat A this year and I think I'm the only member who got one through Rangers. Fed up going up there after the amount we've been the last few years but still can't wait... Mental to think we've to run a bus on a Friday night in the middle of the holidays with 5 tickets
  13. Tried my best to stay up but had to go to sleep at half time. Thought josh Windass was outstanding to be honest. He's going to be a star. Glad to wake up and see he got a goal.
  14. Been following it the last 2 days. Been very good. Nice wee feature to let us see a bit behind the scenes
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