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  1. Thanks Eastwood Bear I"m not 100% sure as I did a search on Google on 'Ready for the Future' after I saw your post and it states on an article from The Independent the following: Rangers take the initiative SCOTTISH FOOTBALL Saturday 15 April 1995 00:02 Rangers season-ticket holders are being asked to invest £399 for the right to buy a season ticket for the next 25 years, and have their name in writing at a 51,000 all-seated Ibrox. Rangers hope their "Ready for the Future" initiative will raise at least £5m, and the Rangers chairman, David Murray, says Walter Smith, the ma
  2. I answered yes, as I am fortunate enough to be able to do it, without adversely impacting my family. Years ago my mate and I purchased our Copland Road seats by paying double the normal price, which was a scheme offered by the club. This got your name on the seat and from memory a 10% discount for the next ten years of ST renewals. If I remember correctly we also got a booklet which had discount vouchers, for various Rangers partners merchandise. This was a purely voluntary purchase and some used the scheme, whilst others were not compelled to. Can't remember the nam
  3. Wonder if Lawwwell's pal at the SFA was a member of any such scheme!
  4. Mon The Gers! One final push on our way back to the top. WATP.
  5. Posted this on Monday, did a Google search and it appears that was the case, the plot thickens (allegedly) !
  6. Hope she never found your flute, was her name Maguire?
  7. BIB the PM was because you posted a paedo in a mingin strip in response to my post. No need for that in a Rangers forum IMO. Banter is fine by me but I come into the BD to get away from them and dont wan't to view that shite on here.
  8. Hullo Hullo They call us Sevco Hullo Hullo We're not as they well know , We're up to our knees in enemies But we keep fighting on For we are Rangers Football Club. Hullo Hullo It's on and up we go Hullo Hullo We'll never die you know The greatest club in the world 54 and going strong For we are The Rangers Football Club.
  9. Potentially a shrewd piece of business by us. Contract for 6 months on championship wages with the incentive of doing well and being awarded a contract based on how they perform. This will also allow us the option to release them or award them a further contract on a Premier League salary if warranted. Real incentive for the player(s) who sign for six months as the better they do and the better Rangers do, their chances of a contact on a higher salary increases.
  10. OTT in my opinion. I have watched some poor Rangers teams in my time and don't think the current team is poor or not creative enough. Time will tell if you are correct but hope that the performances over the last few games are just a sticky patch. Certainly hope the team turns it around and you in turn can be more positive.
  11. toad

    Jason Holt

    It is clever no asterisk required.
  12. Johnny was a fantastic player for us and certainly lived the dream. RIP Johnny and condolences to your family at this sad time.
  13. Blue Jays for me saw them a few years ago against the Oakland Athletic. Great atmosphere in the stadium in Toronto and of course they wear red white and blue so no worries who I was supporting. Oakland were in green and white. Also great to have a few beers watching the game and hope that we can do this at Ibrox soon.
  14. Probably the way you remember before he went stateside.
  15. FFS guys, the man went to Colston School in Glasgow and follows the Gers from his home in the US St Paul Mnnesota. Give him a break!
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