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  1. That’ll be a first!! Apart from that, get there and appreciate, as I’m sure you will.
  2. Don’t tell me - @Monkey Butler probably slavering over the bar when you left- smart move Leftpeg.
  3. Haven’t a clue, but good to see Jeffrey getting slapped about by Jeeves.
  4. Poor bugger is probably still traumatised after you flashed the pizza picture by mistake!
  5. Bet you munched the silver wrappers. @RFC55 told me all about it.
  6. 0-0 at half time in the second leg, still 3-0 on aggregate.
  7. There you go: https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/why-real-madrid-atletico-madrids-la-liga-fixtures-have-been-postponed/
  8. He played like a woman yesterday - still love him!
  9. You think that is good?? Check out ‘done a runner’ in the ‘Celebrity Death’ thread.
  10. Kudos to @Dan Deacon for the OP - 23 pages of mayhem ensued and if I’ve been paying attention he’s fucked off to Wales.
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