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  1. Did she twitch in the last thirty seconds?
  2. Every cunt knows there's only one @The Godfather in Scottish football.
  3. That's shite. Had them lined up as second option if we couldn't buy Bury.
  4. Sorry to hear - take care of yourself and your own. Your videos have been class.
  5. Miss @StrongbowLoyal - was this not one of his creations?
  6. We might be at cross purposes - competition expulsion comes along after two further transgressions (shite word but I've no better) - my concern is that UEFA are now only up to speed with the first qualifying round and there could be a further sanction coming along because some delegate? chose to find fault at the Ibrox game against the Danes.
  7. This goes back to the St Joseph's tie - do the UEFA punishments dished out today only go back that far or have they included more recent ties - what worries me is that that's the first transgression established and if there is a similar charge pending from the game against the Danes we are looking at games getting played behind closed doors.
  8. Shanks' pony says Many Thanks big horse.
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