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  1. I'm too young to remember that, but bloody hell what a game it looked!
  2. Wasn't the name chosen by others in honour of him?
  3. Can't believe Miller hasn't a single vote (I didn't vote for him either)
  4. Agreed, the Dutch would never do that
  5. Puyol is bloody good considering he's short and slow. Him and Pique are an excellent pairing. I'm a huge fan of attacking full backs from the old Cafu mold, so I'm a huge fan of Dani Alves, Ashley Cole and Maicon
  6. That's a huge part of it imo. Probably most of us here know a few folk who were shit hot at football but spent more time getting pished in the park.
  7. I reckon you can divide that by 10 a least.
  8. Don't suppose anyone knows what the classical sounding song at the end of the Sky Sports PPV coverage was?!
  9. Remember Amoruso's performances on the park with captaincy compared to after captaincy?
  10. I run probably the least secure system ever - no virus scanner and even the default windows firewall turned off. So there's not too much to interfere with it. Never heard anything about this linklayer topology, but I have been using the network without any problems for about a year. It's only just gone tits up in the last week.
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