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  1. Actually the whole white world is just as badly off as us. Australia has a lot of issues at the moment with its young people (a lot of them greeks and slavs rather than the people who made the country worthwhile) who think the whites should leave Aus and give it back to the aboriginals. I guess they think the world needs another country where people still wear bones in their noses, eat dung and kill each other for religious services. We shouldn't be so pessimistic: Britain is as likely to lead the counter-revolution as any of our northern european brethren.
  2. There's a distinction between the rich establishment, including people who sit in the House of Lords, and real Lords with proper titles. The titled families of this country often go through significant hardships to keep hold of the castle their ancestors built 800 years ago, like going without heating during the winter, opening up all but a small apartment of their property to the public, or, as is often the case, giving up their family estate altogether because they can't afford the upkeep. These are people who have led us in peace and in war for hundreds and hundreds of years. Without our ho
  3. What about if the soldiers were treated properly, then it would be ok?
  4. acting like the middle classes made Britain great, for the record.
  5. I don't mind pay drivers: if anything I'd prefer more - if we could have more "independent" teams, with one talented driver and one pay driver, I wouldn't mind in the least.
  6. There are some obvious places devoid of their share of premiership and championship clubs - the south coast, east anglia, the west country, and Yorkshire is pretty under-represented How about Red Bull Portsmouth?
  7. Ideally the only club they could take over would be MK Dons. Red Bull Dons is not just the least offensive name I can think of, but also probably the newest club in the league system, AND their F1 racing franchise is in Milton Keynes too. Wow, I need a consultancy fee for this four seconds' worth of thought.
  8. Looks like there might be some anti-white racism there as well.
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24458599
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