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  1. A once good player with great potential. Reduced to a mediocre player at best. Heartbreaking
  2. If he has any honour or dignity he would never return to the club.
  3. This is the worst it has been or can be. That is the only sanity in this car crash. Only way is up.
  4. this club is rotten to the core. Management. Board. Players. Heartbreaking.
  5. Clear the lot of them. So angry.
  6. Everyone of them. I am appalled and embarrassed by this team and management. Not one of them is rangers class. Not one of them plays for the jersey. I can take being beaten but I can't take this theft. These imposters are stealing money from this club. Good riddance at the end of the season.
  7. I understand the anger behind the board thumping, but if we do not fix this team and the management we could have a football implosion that will take years to fix. The silence from the fans groups regarding this dross has allowed the club to spiral into the worst team in my or any other lifetime.
  8. Not one is fit to wear the jersey. Not one must have a contract renewed
  9. The team, the coaches, the board. This is going to take years to fix.
  10. Not Rangers managers in a million years.
  11. In my opinion today when asked he said yes, the board need to be on the phone to him now. massive rebuilding work for next season
  12. I like the way he carries himself and he speaks well, loves the club and understands what Rangers are all about, needs to be in place before our next game.
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