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  1. I've been laughing at this off and on all day. Pretty much every word in it is perfect.
  2. radlord


    I'd still take the risk on him. On his day he is wonderful and if he's inspired to give a shit by being at such a huge club then what we'll have spent would be a bargain.
  3. an international Celtic were reportedly interested in, on a free. Happy with this.
  4. what the fuck has Salmond done to warrant bizarre frenzies like the ones in this thread? Some of you really are borderline mentally ill!
  5. i wont rest until those fenian bastards are back in our primary schools where they belong
  6. this was one of the last and brightest Moonbeams.
  7. what's this about Hibs?
  8. This is the oldest joke out there. I remember it in the tommy burns / walter smith management era and I'm sure it was old then.
  9. If it's true that singing these songs doesn't mean anything deep-rooted then it shouldn't be much of a wrench to drop them and move on like the club have begged you to on numerous occasions then should it?
  10. utterly ridiculous post, as usual. If he wasn't so achingly sincere it would be funny.
  11. your post was absurd. pretty much every line was ridiculous. Go away and have a think.
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