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  1. https://panzoid.com/ Really good, free site. You can look up other ppl's designs and use them as inspiration or a base to do your own. It's super cool, takes a LITTLE bit of learning but for what you can do with it it's great. Massively easier than using AfterEffects or something like that.
  2. Strachan seemed an utterly disinterested, passive aggressive cunt by the end of his last spell. He'd be a disaster too, he'd be taking the job again in the absence of anything better to do. Clarke won't take it, unless these celtic and fulham rumours don't develop into anything. McInnes won't take it either, he won't want the stress and according to the BBC he'd be taking a pay cut anyway. Might be time to dip into the foreign market again, but a disinterested journeyman that we'll likely end up with wont be any better either. And it better not be fucking Mackay either.
  3. radlord


    It's shite footballer lad-patter, but as far as that goes it's not bad I guess.
  4. would be surprised if he ever plays again tbh
  5. I'm sure Warburtoners will be getting reports on his development.
  6. Trainspotting 2 research maybe.
  7. I think that might be the best thing I've ever seen. Amaaaaziiing.
  8. Legend. Will be missed. Testimonial against Lech?
  9. I though the word 'Fenian' was a purely political thing? How do you know their opinions on a united Ireland?
  10. utterly utterly shite patter from the sun there, to no-one's suprise
  11. Given Kevin Kyle's comments about his wage, maybe Law / Shiels / Templeton etc are on fairly big money. Which they aren't worth imo.
  12. Waghorn is clearly a really good player. The best thing about this season, even when we're misfiring., is that I'm just positive about us in general. I dont dread playing any teams anymore. Even playng hibs soon, while we might not be on good form I think players like Wahgorn et al can do some real damage, so bring them on.
  13. Nah it's 'scotch' or 'scottish' prick. Scotch would be even funnier.
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