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  1. I await the look on the faces of Yessers as they look on to the BF1 section at kick off :)
  2. Calm it lads lol so much management hate dont sypport the rayjem support the team!!! NS
  3. By far our best player vs. Dundee Utd.
  4. As ricksen has already asked....... WHO has told UB about pyrotechnics? Nobody to my knowlege. Edit- and what trouble? If it isn't the pyrotechnics you consider to be the 'trouble' then what is it you mean?
  5. If that was true, which I'm sure it isn't (most fans had enough), the rest of the fans would do nothing about it, which is where the difference lies. The rest of the fans sit on their arse and wait til' they're on their computer chair to say what they've got to say.
  6. Yet again, another clueless post.
  7. Not that I blame you personally, but just in general as I've said before, people on this forum, and others know nothing about the group. Im sure there is not one 14 year old member FFS.
  8. Haha what a laugh, get a grip. 'Future embarrassment', deary me. Almost every word in the papers was an outrageous lie. If there was '100 casuals trying to break through the barrier' there would be video evidence. There was literally a flare set off and this forum is in meltdown. Please get a grip.
  9. Had a chuckle reading this thread, 99% of anything that has ever been posted on this forum regarding the Union Bears has been an outrageous lie.
  10. At dunfermline, all sorts of Loyalist was started from the back. The fact is, as unfortunate as it may be, 90% of it just did not catch on with the support and 'ole ole shite' was started from the front and caught on brilliantly.
  11. SPFL twitter - 'The #SPFL has recommended that a minutes applause be held at all fixtures to mark respect and celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela'
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