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  1. In fairness the casino and hotel were fictions of SDMs imagine and delusions of grandeur, but your right even if the pipe dreams were ever going to be financed by him it would have been blocked at every turn by those in powers no matter how much it would have brought to our city. If it benefits Rangers it’ll get rejected. yiu say about Ibrox being front runner for redevelopment but I doubt it was ever given much thought
  2. I agree and it’s ridiculous that they got over a million of our tax funded money on what is basically nothing to do with the games but a tarrier walkway that benefited them as a club, they held not one event just the opening ceremony, it was an absolute farce but I will be content that it 100% killed everyone of they treasonous scumbags that our Queen sat in their ground while the whole of the commonwealth showed her their appreciation. The shit of her majesty in the house of horrors with the red arrows trailing red white and blue over head is an image that will haunt them to the grave.
  3. £50 mil and the whole front of Ibrox to be renovated, the main stand just a spruce up obviously but the road along to get the full commonwealth games makeover ffs. We had more going on at Ibrox than most host stadiums yet the surrounding areas and network hubs got completely patched while everywhere else got millions ploughed in. Scandalous
  4. Been saving my drug and cider induced rants since mid March my mate, had to come out somewhere ha ha.
  5. Fair enough bud, I’ve never had a wean in toe, I’m lucky to be in Clydebank the last 10 years so I’m at Ibrox within 20 minutes but had 30 years travelling from down south so I know everyone has different circumstances mate it wasn’t a dig. Just honestly wish those that could would support the local bus more these days, so many struggling and it’s a shame. still never drove though ha ha. Glad your wee man gets to the game though, must be a great feeling for you
  6. I’d be more inclined to believe it in today’s pathetic love everycunt don’t offend anycunt ultra feminine gym going alcopop drinking non drug taking skinny jean wearing worse cunts, but it makes this abomination worse that it’s clearly from a time when hating taigs and sectarianism was not only lawful but categorically acceptable and part of daily life. No wonder they cunts are living in a backward pisspot island that only gets normal folk descend on brief occasions that’s usually forced upon them. I’ve never been but after that I’ll never go, at least the majority of Scottish islands still live in the ideology that catholic’s are the spawn of the devil and the Protestant faith is a comfort to the harsh conditions bestowed upon those who stay there. A true reflection of a bygone past that was once our great nation.
  7. Ha ha ha never seen that before, struggling to believe it’s not a spoof to be fair
  8. The price of laziness and apathy, only real surprises is it was a surprise
  9. It was mate, it’s a thing I remember from that era but never understood. There’s no logical explanation to demanding a 5000 plot car park in relation to extending a stand, I said before I can’t think of anywhere in the UK with similar but in fairness I can’t think of any other stadiums in Europe either. Most grounds especially older ones are in the middle of city’s or populated areas, new ones unfortunately in England anyway are pushed out into bleak industrial spots with no soul. Neither has to supply parking ha ha
  10. Get the local bus or if local walk or public transport, get in the boozer and leave the motor where it should be
  11. That’s my point mate. I can’t actually think of any other ground I’ve ever been to that offers parking on the scale of the Albion
  12. Yes mate, since 2016 every development that has more than 50 plots must supply 5% housing stock for social housing, you could buy a plot pre build only for what you thought was a 4 bed next door to end up a row of flats gifted to GHA and GCC put homeless cases in.
  13. Without reading the rest of the thread from this point, was it not supposed to be a legal requirement for building the club deck we had sufficient parking at the Albion to accommodate it ? I’ve never actually known the ins and outs of this for fact but I’ve always been reluctant to accept it as fact, purely from not knowing any other stadium UK wide that needs to supply a fucking car park to stay open.
  14. I hope that is the outcome, it’s the only sensible option if this shit is not resolved by mid April at the latest, players will still need a mint pre-season before the league resumes so that’ll take it into May, if it goes past that and even into June, then if we’re actually going to be serious in starting next season at a reasonable time then there really is no option but to fuck this season off. Any normal fa would do the right thing with how our league sits and be sure if we were 10 points ahead it’d be void already, but these fenian loving scumbags will do anything they can to make sure we’re trying to stop 10 next season
  15. This all day long mate. As it stands with what’s left to play there are just to many variables however unlikely it is we all know helicopters can change direction
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