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  1. Social services should have a word.
  2. Makes the applepine guy seem like Einstein
  3. I thought that’s what that meant when I seen it yesterday but literally then thought, nah surely to fuck not ha ha sad pathetic cunts.
  4. Married to John parrots sister I’m sure. As a lifelong toffees fan I’m sure he was fucking delighted when she rocked up with big D on her arm lol. He was the legend for them he wasn’t allowed to be for us, partly down to being shafted by the sfa/police and the worst thing for me we as a club never backed him as they should have and Murray could not punt him fast enough. He would have been an absolute fucking hero for us had we shown him the loyalty he warranted. Struggled at first, limited chances then injury that could have ended him, mcstay smashed the knee that’d just recovered and a brush
  5. Mate it was proper delusions of grandeur on their part, can’t remember the name of the building off hand but it was one of the most prominent addresses in the city, all based on raising profile with a high end post code, and it obviously put them under. Cunts.
  6. Mate no bullshit, I was living in Australia fir 18 months from 2004 till late 2005, moved back to London, my old boss took me back, doing maintenance and renovations around the city, first job back was in the building that satanta ran from, two days after I got there they had literally disappeared. Not one trace of them was left the next morning, fucking crazy
  7. Of course mate but surely not this season and their wage bill exceeds £66m fuck me tgsts not sustainable and must be in breach of the same regulations that city are being done for. £2.5m fir winning the spl titke don’t pay that ha ha
  8. How are they bringing in that much more ? Not through Europe or our league or tv deals.
  9. Spot on mate, that’s the one point continually and conveniently overlooked, we used a legal tax avoidance scheme, completely I punishable by law, not tax evasion. Whatever moral arguments can be thrown at such schemes is beside the point, nothing illegal was ever done by our club.
  10. Found not guilty of public indecency ha ha ha aye no bother, cunt should have been placed right on the register for that carry on.
  11. I disagree. Like o said we’re not at our best and I accept that, I won’t accept the way our games re being reffed isn’t affecting the outcome of games though.
  12. Mate I get the point we’re not playing well, but officiating on Saturday allowed Aberdeen to constantly get away with destroying tactics from the first whistle to the last, play acting, wasting time and ridiculous amounts of fouls without cards. It’s all relevant.
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