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  1. Watching that corner thinking “don’t Rangers, just don’t!!”
  2. 1 goal lead, 5+ minutes added on.. feel like Iv seen this story before!
  3. We’ve finally come into it, half an hour in! Need to strike while we’re on top but!
  4. Tavs just shat it 60 yards from his own goal & picked up a yellow! Wow.
  5. Is this the first time that we’ve played the same outfield 10 two games in a row this season?
  6. Fancy us to kick on from Thurs night here! Would be nice to have a comfortable win & be a few goals up early!
  7. A win for us & Lyon next week and we’ve then got Sparta at home to go through with a game to spare! Don’t know what cunts were worried about!
  8. Noticed we had tickets on sale in the GW corner! Are they not taking fans or have we put them all in the club deck? I remember us doing that before due to having to provide premium seating or something and the team we were playing, Villarreal maybe?only had a small number of fans so they all got put in the club deck! Edit: this is a pile of pish, seemingly they’ve got 1600 over for it! Must have been the website being shite as usual!
  9. It is aye but you can select tickets like a home game, so just booked the tickets next to each other!
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