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  1. Who is the kid in the reserves they are all raving about apparently some German clubs are desperate to sign him , is he not a C/ H ?
  2. My point is , Steven Davis had to clear 2 headers from jullien of the line , on another day they could have went in , I understand we have 4 center half , but like 2 see a no nonsense guy in there to clear balls coming into our box , hope this helps
  3. Commanding center half , Davo 2 of the line coulda cost us , need to win crosses into our box
  4. Andy Halliday has been superb when called on and in different positions and deserves a mention
  5. Guys who can honestly say that they had heard of the likes of Alberts,Gattoso,Negri amato even guys like Mols van brockhurst lovenkrants the list is endless let's just wait and see how it pans out NFSE
  6. If they had lost 4 of the ones they had won then we had beat them it would only be 11 points
  7. Bollocks still a good loyalist area ,same as every where else has good bits and bad bits
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