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  1. No, why do you think the thumb ain't been banned for drugs yet
  2. Phone in and ask or tweet them and ask
  3. Taking the piss, the sfa can't do anything to them as they haven't brome any rules
  4. Its her usual rubbish, reads something and then goes completely off the tangent
  5. Man City used that tactic against spurs last season I think it was, ederson played a couple of short goal kicks, drew spurs in and then the next one he hit it long and man City scored
  6. Hasn't ajear went off injured the last 3 games and then played the next one
  7. Well has he been truthful throughout his period as chairman? Has you not been convicted in a court.of law where he bought his way out of a jail term? And hasn't a judge declared he was a glib and mendacious?
  8. Hamilton claimed to have accepted £80k offer from Preston, which was disputed by preston. The aberdeen fee is undisclosed, think aberdeen been offered £750k for McKenna
  9. You ever able to tell when someone is ripping the piss.
  10. Pubg is meant to be good and you can get assassins creed unity for 79pence off cdkeys.com
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