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  1. No, why do you think the thumb ain't been banned for drugs yet
  2. Phone in and ask or tweet them and ask
  3. Taking the piss, the sfa can't do anything to them as they haven't brome any rules
  4. Its her usual rubbish, reads something and then goes completely off the tangent
  5. Man City used that tactic against spurs last season I think it was, ederson played a couple of short goal kicks, drew spurs in and then the next one he hit it long and man City scored
  6. Hasn't ajear went off injured the last 3 games and then played the next one
  7. Well has he been truthful throughout his period as chairman? Has you not been convicted in a court.of law where he bought his way out of a jail term? And hasn't a judge declared he was a glib and mendacious?
  8. Hamilton claimed to have accepted £80k offer from Preston, which was disputed by preston. The aberdeen fee is undisclosed, think aberdeen been offered £750k for McKenna
  9. You ever able to tell when someone is ripping the piss.
  10. Pubg is meant to be good and you can get assassins creed unity for 79pence off cdkeys.com
  11. It's money from the rfff that's paying for this not the board
  12. Asda was the newest of the two. Tesco been there 10+ years
  13. Think the majority of the pubs are at the harbour and surrounding area. Your at the opposite end if I remember, at been through there for some time. https://m.yelp.co.uk/search?cflt=bars&find_loc=Fraserburgh%2C Aberdeenshire&mapsize=360%2C103
  14. Can't say about fraserburgh, but could get Banff springs, and then head to the castle bar, ship inn, railway inn and a few others, and a short hop across to macduff and you have the plough, along with the park hotel for pubs, and a shit hole of a nightclub in banff called the seafield. Banff is like 17 mile from fraserburgh. One Boozer to avoid is the aul Fife, full of the manky lot
  15. That's what he said during the ibrox tour when I was on it the other year. The tour guide mentioned how he missed 3 pens and Hubbard said "no I never the keeper saved them". Such a brilliant man that happily takes the time to speak to everyone
  16. This something the rfff could have been put to use for. Help a true legend and gentleman she he needs it most
  17. Keep up the good work. Hopefully get on one of the trails this year
  18. So now it's a who else would take over. Do You know any successful businessmen that knows about running a football club. Lies lets start 1: nomad where is it? 2: we will stay on the stock exchange? 3: I will personally put in £30m with another £20m from.other investors over 4 year. Well where is it? 4: we will front load and treble the wage bill the challenge celtic. And again where is it? That's just 4 little lies told by king. As for the courts cases so could have been kept out of court by actually keeping the mouth shut and sorting it like businessmen. But instead you had ki
  19. This board has failed on 90% of what they came in to do. No transparency, lies after lies, failed investment promises, had the chance to attempt to bring in money through 2 rights issues and instead thought it best for themselves to give loans instead of fresh investment repeated court cases which 9 times out of 10 it's due to king. Then you have the statement released about mcinnes, pathetic and excuse filled, the wait to appoint a new manager to then appoint murty who the md and dof claim was the only choice. How much longer must the board be giving a free ride to fail us and
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