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  1. 1 hour ago, Creampuff said:

    To be fair, Kent was definitely a panic buy. We were fucking awful against celtic then signed Kent almost immediately for a fee we had previously refused to pay.

    The panic was in the proce we paid. But think the plan all along was for guaranteed group stages before buying Kent. Hoping Liverpool would lower the asking price 

  2. 26 minutes ago, southcoastbear said:

    Story going about that we have sent young Lewis Mayo out on loan to Dunfermline. 

    No sure I'm that keen given their CEO's behaviour during the vote debacle at the SPFL and subsequent  enquiry. 

    But we keep inviting  these clubs to kick us in the baws  time and again so I guess we canny complain.

    Not sure if your aware, but there is also a rumour going round elvis is dead 

  3. 23 hours ago, Gazzalivesforever said:

    Does anyone have any contact details for someone at the club? What's the best way to reach someone within? I'm trying to arrange something nice for my wee nephew. He was in an accident a month ago. Fell 20ft from a balcony, fractured his skull and was in a coma for three weeks. He's finally come out of his coma this week. He's not out of the woods yet, still trying to access potential long term damage as its his 2nd skull fracture and brain injury. The family have all put together wee video messages for him and that's lifted him massively. I managed to source a home top for him from a fellow bear who bought two and kindly sold the other to me. That put a massive smile on his face. I'm trying to contact the club to see if they could maybe send him a wee get well soon card or a wee video message from one of the players. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys. 

    Hope he makes as good a recovery as can be hoped for. Try contacting https://www.rangerscharity.org.uk/

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  4. 2 minutes ago, tina-duncan said:

    So here's a radical idea...

    Its looking increasingly likely that next season isn't going to start on schedule, never mind this season. Would it not make more sense to scrap next season altogether and when normality eventually resumes again, complete this season's remaining games without having to worry about everything being a rushed mess?

    I admit its not an ideal solution on the money side of things, but from a sporting perspective, this seems like the most pragmatic solution to me...

    So chuck away a year's worth of income for 8 or so games.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Sweetheart said:

     I don't think it's weird at this point, they may be seeking legal council.

    I'm of the impression that it's something to do with company law as DP said in his statement ...

    “The farcical conduct of this affair seems to me to bring the corporate governance and business operations of the SPFL into sharp focus. It is an example of an undemocratic culture, which has existed within the SPFL for far too long.

    You have mentioned this umpteen times, what do you think it means 

  6. 41 minutes ago, esquire8 said:

    There isnt a link. I dont want to derail the thread just wanted to post what I got told. If you want to delete the posts then that's fine with me. We will just wait and see what happens with the joint statement soon.

    Edit - Joint statement as in the clubs behind us I mean. Not us and Aberdeen.

    Maybe send sparkle a pm with your source as she will keep quiet on who it is 

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  7. 4 hours ago, Blue Avenger said:

    After the subs came on he disappeared and dived when you watch the BT replay, but don't take my word for it, just watch it.

    He's been well off it since the after the break. His head is elsewhere. 

    Let's hope he returns to form sooner than later.

    Maybe due to his missus is due to give birth soon and the shit he has to put with from the media and some of or so called fans

  8. 5 hours ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

    Completely fucking baffled by this.

    Disheartened that nothing's going in for him maybe, but disinterested? What game were you watching? As per the norm, he ran himself into the ground for us. At 1-2 with the crowd bouncing he was waving his arms like fuck urging his teammates to get up to support him chasing down the Braga defenders. 

    Bizarre post from you there imo.

    Wouldn't say a bizarre post from him, just the usual crap he posts about whoever is his weekly scapegoat 

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