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  1. Shocking defending and Gerrard needs to answer why we are losing goals like that
  2. When does something become a conspiracy
  3. Sadiq should have been subbed at half time. Final ball has been crap, noone acting like they want to win this at all
  4. Good result overall, brilliant first half, poor second, seemed to step off the gas second half. Should have gone for the kill
  5. Good first half, good goals aswell. Let's up the ante and go for the throat, get Kent and Candieas driving at them and draw more fouls and potentially a red card for hearts aswell. Show them we mean business
  6. I couldn't really give a fuck about a draw. You are just more interested in conspiracy theories than anything. He had to leave cause the discussion was about the club he works for. Was there any of the other 2 and ourselves represented at the meeting? The japan rat has to be seen to try get the best for that scum club otherwise he wouldn't be doing his job. Just wish our Guy in the same position would do the same
  7. Suppose reading it back, kinda is expecting to much from her to break a routine she has set for herself
  8. So if you had read the actual story before thinking of a conspiracy you wouldn't have wasted time asking if anyone in here knew if lawell had any input to it
  9. Brilliant and surely that performance from Alfredo shows what he can do, fuck up theirnplayers, score goals and win penalties
  10. Switched last season away form for home form. Too many thinking the game was won before they went on the pitch
  11. Based on this performance so far we wouldn't deserve to win the league, struggle to string a couple of passes together, noone looking at runners to pass to, taking to many touches, too many players absent. It's like we are watching us in division 2 or under Warburton in the premier league
  12. Pitch is shit, and we are playing pathetically. Bad mistake playing lafferty, should have played Kent or Middleton
  13. You on drugs or is it cause you have a conspiracy handbook. Every post you make is asking questions rather than go out and source your own info. Why not contact police Scotland and ask how they plan to manage the two games, then relay the info here
  14. Couldn't it be that SD have one part of the deal and JD have another, except sd aren't actually planning on selling anytjing, and it's backfired on their part. As didn't Ashley have the brains to get it written into the contract he couldn't pick what part he wanted
  15. Think the old firm loss is a blessing in disguise, as they have gotten it into their heads that they are still the best, whereas we realised that we needed to improve
  16. Need to get Kent running at foster, get him to commit a couple of fouls, red card then we can flood them and score another couple, some passing has been slack at tines. But good game so far with room for inprovement
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