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  1. Think the old firm loss is a blessing in disguise, as they have gotten it into their heads that they are still the best, whereas we realised that we needed to improve
  2. Need to get Kent running at foster, get him to commit a couple of fouls, red card then we can flood them and score another couple, some passing has been slack at tines. But good game so far with room for inprovement
  3. Last minute winner for Killie, let's pile the pressure on those bheast cunts and go above them now
  4. Poor passing, some being a bit lazy at times. Need major improvement second half of we are going to take anything from the game
  5. O'dea had flashbacks to his time at the paedodome when he went down the dirty bastard, good game so far, Morelos unlucky with the offside goal, borna been great with some of his defending, great pass and run to win the penalty. Hopefully a few changes at half time with the game on Thursday in mind
  6. Ok. It be crap if everyone is getting hopes up again and then nothing is released
  7. Pretty shit if true, less than a week and no details from the club, surely an announcement would make sense if Ashley has decided the deal ain't for him
  8. Hope there single match general sale as can only get to spartak home game, working all the others and on holiday
  9. think we need to keep targeting hartley and have him give away needless fouls so he gets his second booking. goldson needs to concentrate a bit better, poorest we have been so far this season, another goal i reckon for us will settle the game and put alot of pressure on the taigs later
  10. the fuck my stream is behind you cunts, brilliant goal though. pick it fucking out
  11. get fucked you wank, we have tried something different and its not working, its not even half time yet. So wind it in and see what the outcome is at the end
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