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  1. Probably too late to target other journos as they will have spent all weekend deleting tweets
  2. Could imagine the two of them having a wee chuckle before it’s printed and wee Gaby buzzing to read it, now he’s collateral damage😂
  3. Double time and a Rangers old firm win, it’s the dream Sunday shift🙌🙌
  4. I’m absolutely stunned by this. 1-0 against 10 men I never thought we were going out tonight. Disgraceful
  5. Everywhere reporting Messi to PSG is a done. 2 year deal
  6. Grealish to City official, number 10 shirt. Messi to come in and take it right off him
  7. Would love to see him in England but I think it will be PSG. Would be a laugh if city called off the Grealish move to sign Messi instead
  8. Do away goals count anymore? Not sure if it was this season they came in
  9. ‘I’ve no looked at the bookies sites’😂😂 Also Greegs clearly hasn’t done his due diligence and knows fuck all about Malmö😂
  10. Probably thought he done enough to get into Scotland’s euro squad and now thinks fuck it I’m away to get rich in the MLS
  11. Gutted wanted Halliday to get the winner
  12. Not watching the game but I hope the fans are showing Duffy the appreciation he deserves for a clubs legend.
  13. PSG look like they mean business this year. Hakimi, Ramos, Wijnaldum and supposedly Donnarumma coming too, as well as keeping Mbappe and Neymar. Could be worth a score for the champions league.
  14. I wonder how much money having Messi brings Barca, surely with the state they're in getting 300-500k a week off the wage bill would be the ideal situation.
  15. I don’t like them at all, I also grew up near hampden and had to deal with them pissing everywhere, smashing bottles, pulling up the kilts and flashing women and just generally thinking they can do anything because they feel that everybody likes them. Somebody else said in this thread that there are two different types of Scotland fan, the tartan army and a normal fan that supports the team. The kilt wearing ones are absolute wallopers.
  16. I understand what you’re saying but I it’s an odd post, I think he’s came on here hoping for a pro England supporting reaction to take screenshots back to kerrydale.
  17. Has it been confirmed how long Irving is out for? If he misses the next couple of games and Giannis shows up I think Bucks will take the series. Can see it being Suns vs 76ers for the title.
  18. Mate honestly. They whip him out at every big game, will be a zoom into Liam Gallagher in the stands at some point
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