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  1. Nope, you've totally lost me mate. Has one of the P1 kids/D1 teams beaten a team with a comparable wage bill to us this year? Or are you saying something else entirely?
  2. How about for next season and the season after we give the Rangers manager, whoever it may be, the EAXCT same amount of money to spend as the team who finish 2nd in the SPL this season?
  3. No, I am upset that Rangers staff, players & fans seem to think that ONLY winning the 2nd lowest league in Scottish football with the 2nd highest wage bill is deemed to be acceptable, never mind a fucking success and bragging that we 'romped' it!!!
  4. Two points here.... 1) We are a financial basket case, yet have the 2nd hughest wage bill in the country, without googling it, probably more than half a dozen SPL clubs combined. Winning a 'league' full of part-time teams of painters, plumbers etc is comparable to me going to my weans school, beating up all the wee kids in P1 and then declaring myself UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. 2) Bearing in mind our wage bill, this season and last...to go a second full year outwith the top flight without winning the Ramsden Cup is beyond shocking imho and for any Bear to accept NOT winning it is indicative of the m
  5. Properly because he is one of the very few in here who speaks any sense!!! I'll like you too if you are feeling left out.
  6. Trolling these threads though being offended and with your skin crawling gives you something to do though, and if he had just pm'ed him you would have missed out.
  7. I already posted which part I KNOW ppl like you won't be upset about!!! And you have already commented on my posts twice BUT you "rather not talk to people like you". Go on, defend Ally....
  8. Out of interest, which particular part? I assume it won't be the bit about standing up an Erskine veteran though, just a guess.
  9. It's well known on here that I'm not a huge fan of our current 'manager', his lack of coaching ability is shocking and his conduct as a 'Rangers man' is even worse imho. As an example.... RSEA recently donated £4,000 to open up a sensory room for dementia sufferers at Erskine Hospital. It will be known as 'The Harold Davis Sensory Room' in memory of Alex Johnstone. Alex Johnstone was a lifelong Rangers fan and served in the Black Watch along with Harold Davis. Our 'manager' stood Alex up not once, not twice BUT on three seperate occasions!!!! Aye, everybody pal, great guy etc....has time to le
  10. He's an overweight confirmed bachelor with no visible means if financial support who has made a living for the past 20 years or so by ripping off Bears. He is a fucking cancer who has never paid for a ticket for Ibrox for years and has almost single handedly destroyed any and all trust ordinary fans had in the RST. Unfortunately for him this isn't posted on his bheast filled swamp of a forum where free speech not allowed so he can't just delete it. You Dungwallet are finished, you will never get your blazer now you fat fraud, now go cry yourself to sleep and get DEEDLE to massage your prostrat
  11. Its nothing personal, so please don't take it that way. BUT I honestly believe that any/all Rangers pubs are taking away valuable income from the club and imho the sooner the old Edmiston Club or a modern equivalent is opened and the money Rangers fans spend at Ibrox pre/post match actually goes directly to the club itself the better. And again, things such as 'legends' night with ex RANGERS players, attended by RANGERS fans should really be something the club should be generating income from not an outside business.
  12. How can taking from Rangers fans and none of it going to the club be 'best for Rangers'?? Surely you can see that you are taking in excess of £1/2M a season of potential income from Rangers? You are a business first and foremost, if your primary concern was Rangers you would run as a non-profit making organisation and donate ALL PROFITS to the club.
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