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  1. How no? Whos the leader? Whats your position in the Kleek?
  2. I would never say he was the best. He had a certain amount of arrogance and style about him. The type of player that the fans love to watch. Davie Smith , for me, was the MOTM in Barcelona.
  3. It could be said that a fud is a useful thing so thank you. Can i join the kleek?
  4. 11 Great Rangers, All Scottish Protestants. Heroes to a man McCloy Jardine Mathieson Greig Derek Johnstone Dave Smith McLean Conn Stein MacDonald Willie Johnston Each and every one deserve a proud place in Rangers history
  5. Why are you abusing Former Rangers players Patrick?
  6. A wank with a ECWC medal more than you! Youre trying too hard Declan!
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