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  1. i just hope he can get a tune out of what we have in the mean time. Im delighted with the 3 points especially with how poor we played, but its the actual body language of some of the players they look either completely sapped of confidence or they just dont care enough. I saw too many players pulling out of winnable tackles or not even putting a tackle in and thats not acceptable to me in a Rangers jersey.
  2. an absolutely shambolic performance if we are being honest, if GvB didnt know what he was in for he does now. Some of the players really need to have a long hard look in the mirror at themselves, unfortunately its not just one or two its the vast majority of the team and wider squad. Fucking grow a pair of balls and play for the jersey. GvB needs to make some massive decisions in the weeks ahead as this team needs some serious surgery in terms of comings and goings which doesnt usually happen in January windows.
  3. GvB needs to take some real lessons from tonight in terms of who is up for it and who cant be trusted to put in a shift.
  4. Roofe needs to fuck off with this letting the ball run on and silly wee flicks. Just do the basics ffs.
  5. kent, hagi and davis should have been the subs, roofe, sakala and arfield/bacuna on
  6. we are getting fucking bullied physically cause our players are fucking shitebags , kent, davis, barasic and hagi have all pulled out of 50/50challenges so far. Not acceptable
  7. whoever threw that flare should be forced to play up front for us until the end of the season. Thats the most dangerous we have looked so far.
  8. we are fucking dreadful, we need some big changes in terms of players in january.
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