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  1. I think they will beat arsenal tbh......hope im wrong
  2. I still think we need a proper enforcer in the middle of the park. Id not have gave Davis another contract - he has been excellent this season but id have rather invested his wage in someone for future years. Im just dreading us potentially selling the likes of kamara who is imo the best midfielder at the club.
  3. He is a player i would look to move on if we can get a decent fee. Worryingly he seems bullet proof and starts more often than not
  4. Need game time. Whether or not he gets that is another thing. The fact is he was one of our most creative players in the whole match in the small time he was on the pitch.
  5. Delighted with the point but that performance was nowhere near good enough and not acceptable imo in an old firm game. Anyone that says otherwise is lying to themselves. Far too many players looked disinterested and not busting a gut which isnt on. Aribo was swanning about like he didnt have a care in the world and our defence looked like they were dreaming of their holidays, the midfield? You wouldnt have known they were playing. Very poor and made celtic look half decent. Now i know the league is over and the players will be tired but the standards are there and they were nowhere
  6. This isnt the 90s and our success this season hasnt been based on playing like this. We have been appalling bar the first 5 mins where we pinged the ball about. My main issue was gerrard has sat and watched this game slowly pan out and not made the changes earlier. Not even tried to effect the game when it was clear as day we were struggling. I have no idea why we have abandoned what has brought us thia success in the high intensity and high press. I get its a long season but if the players are tired use the squad.
  7. How are they not the last two games? We are being overrun by an absolute shocking celtic team here. You happy with this?
  8. Silence. You are not allowed to question our management apparently. Us playing shite is apparently all part of the plan and good game management...
  9. where did i say he is a terrible manager? His decisions last game and so far this game are questionable
  10. gerrards subs are hoaching sorry but just cant understand what he sees when watching this
  11. We have abandoned the high pressing intensity that brought us this success. We are trying to walter smith them today. Baffling
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