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  1. Fuck sake have emailed to try get a refund and will buy one of the 'official' ones. I see they have removed them from the copeland street wear site.
  2. I genuinely don't think some appreciate the magnitude of what Gerard and this team are on the cusp of doing and what it could mean for years ahead. Especially looking at the last 5 years. For us this changes absolutely everything in terms of merchandise, sponsorship, the return of our team to the champions league This will also have serious repercussions for the Tims in the sign of massive revenue loss, the need to sell their players and rebuild their team from almost scratch, pay off a shite management team, no season ticket renewals etc. This could be the foundations of a massive m
  3. Fuck it i ordered one. Happy to support his foundation too
  4. As heartless as it sounds there are too many clubs and leagues in scotland. A culling of smaller clubs isnt the worst thing that could happen especially if it then leads to a restructure of leagues and governing body. As already mentioned in previous posts a lot of these clubs made their own beds when they sided with the corrupt bastards in the last vote so they can frankly go fuck themselves. There will be plenty of teams that go to the wall before the likes of falkirk are in any real danger.
  5. Once this title is wrapped up i want to see a boyd trolling complilation video. Who is the person who does all the player vids again? This will be their most watched video guarenteed
  6. Katic is an absolute monster of a guy. Disagree entirely with sending him on loan as it would need to be to a team who plays the exact same system as us and he is imo good enough to be challenging for a first team spot.
  7. I havent slated him week in week out at all i praised some of his european performances. Im saying he is not consistant enough to be playing week in week out particularly when we are looking to play a high tempo game. He sucks all the pace out of our play. I will be first to admit i dislike davis. I would never have brought him back but i would not criticise any of our players unless i felt they deserved it.
  8. you mean his pals in the media? He is a weak link in this team and its clear he is not up to playing week in week out, if you cant see that then I dont know what to tell you. He has had some very good performances this season however that seems to be one game in five. I dont view him as a stick on starter thats for sure.
  9. Cause he is pish yet starts most weeks. Most are now seeing it clear as day. As i said compare davis and kamara.
  10. What does he offer? A sideways pass? A hopeful chip ball to noone? Silly fouls outside our box as he cant tackle? Slowing down play as he cant keep up? The guy is well past his best and then some
  11. Folk arent going to like it but Davis is absolutely done as a first team regular, no idea why people still rate him so highly. He offers the team absolutely nothing either defensively or in an attacking sense. What is his role supposed to be? Kamara is head and shoulders above him in quality.
  12. he is too much of a coward to take responsibility, cant actually believe he was once our captain tbh
  13. Why is Davis slowing the play down, Tire the fuckers out by keeping the tempo high.
  14. Davis is the master at giving away stupid fucking fouls. Supposed to be one of our most experienced players
  15. A nice run but as usual comes to nothing as he picks the wrong option
  16. Kent and morelos need to pull their fingers out and actually deliver today. Always seem to pick the wrong options in any decision making scenarios.
  17. I dont listen to mccoist when it comes to talking about Rangers. He was a cracking striker in his day but his time as manager showed he knows fuck all about football at a higher level
  18. Kent is diabolical and has been for weeks. He needs dropped as offering fuck all at the minute
  19. Need to catch what boydie was saying. He is easily my favourite pundit now
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