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  1. So how would I go about it mate, as the only people I have met from here ( to get my trusted seller badge) don't use the site anymore Inc Chusynumber?
  2. I believe he was, and I also think that his contract had finished at Brighton and he signed a short term deal with Wigan to see out the late finishing season,
  3. Listened to about 10 mins last night and some silly taig was laying Sundays draw completley at mcgregor saying that because he gave away the 2nd pen it was all his fault, so when the panel mentioned that there was another pen and duffers mistake for the 2nd goal he still blamed mcgregor, and then it was pointed out that he scored the prick stated and I think tis is where we have been going wrong, "that scoring goals doesn't win you games of football" who knew??
  4. Wigan, Brighton all pretty close to each other
  5. Apart from the fact Tav never played or was at Brighton, in fact the closest he ever got to Brighton was playing against Eastbourne for Gateshead!!
  6. I know how you feel mate, I fly up and down every week my flights are all over the place at the moment
  7. See hibs could only muster 4 subs last night!
  8. What of something like a tractor??
  9. Not here it's not lol, but to be fair in main they work like bastards and do all the hours going so that helps!
  10. Probably one of the thousands of eastern europeans working here!!
  11. Just out of curiosity does anything happen in this world that you don't think is some kind of conspiracy?
  12. And if you want to add to your story, all 3 of their keepers are called Ross!!
  13. They never mentioned it, just pretended it didn't happen!
  14. mus


    can you still claim the £25 voucher for not taking a refund or is that finished?
  15. To be fair mate this time he is right, just because in your attitude Rangers are the biggest draw it doesn't mean they are, and the reason it has been moved makes perfect sense, and apart from those who have moved shifts to suit it doesn't really matter as there will be no fucker at the games anyway!
  16. mus


    Fuck me have you seen the way you get the game through RTV, they couldn't have made it much harder, is nothing made easy with these fucking idiots?
  17. Flight down to London today being changed to 15.35, right pain in the arse mucks up both parts of the day!!
  18. Well I don't know abut everybody else but I found it funny!
  19. Well that makes me feel like a part of a family now!
  20. It is a bit poor to be fair, plus it's almost impossible to work out how to claim the £25 voucher which you can't spend on anything anyway!
  21. What about those people who don't ask for a refund but also aren't getting the mygers thing, do they just get hee-haw?
  22. They have to give you a refund if you want one, but will offer the voucher or to move the flight hoping most people are to stupid to realize/ or just don't know they are entitled to a refund, I have had 23 flights cancelled during this and have got 1 refund and have moved 22 others, starting my flights between London and Glasgow this week!!
  23. Well that's my 2 tickets renewed at a cost of £1350 seems a lot of money for what will be little football, but hey ho, also the way the club has gone about this whole thing is starting to make me feel like claiming a refund but maybe for just one of my 2 tickets, but in the end I probably won't bother!
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