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  1. 13 hours ago, psb07158 said:

    Easyjet emailed me over the weekend cancelling my flights to London next month. Offered to switch on to other flights which are just totally shite flight times. Was going down on Friday late morning, back Sunday evening. Easyjet offered to switch to new flights late on Friday night and back Sunday morning. GTF. Refund requested, can take 30 days apparently.

    I know how you feel mate, I fly up and down every week my flights are all over the place at the moment 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Cedrick said:

    Personally I thought the upgrade looked class until the transfers , I get the idea  , the current players are waking the corridor these greats did but I think that ruins it , nice farmed pictures if it had to be added would been far better 

    What of something like a tractor??

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  3. 1 minute ago, hammer93 said:

    Why don't you piss off, that sums you up again....my attitude in life is that fucking Rangers are the biggest draw....you can't help yersel by trying to be smug....everyone on here sees you for what you are....a fucking fraud!!!

    Who would of thought it lads....Rangers fans on a Rangers forum complaining about a game getting rescheduled....cue the forum RAT comes in to try and belittle our club once again.....with Rangers fans like you who needs enemies 

    To be fair mate this time he is right, just because in your attitude Rangers are the biggest draw it doesn't mean they are, and the reason it has been moved makes perfect sense, and apart from those who have moved shifts to suit it doesn't really matter as there will be no fucker at the games anyway!

  4. Fuck me have you seen the way you get the game through RTV, they couldn't have made it much harder, is nothing made easy with these fucking idiots?

  5. 1 hour ago, Louden_Greg said:

    Actually my role is to provide you insight into the club's opinion and give the club insight into supporters opinion in turn to provide the company answer but that is an aside.

    I disagree that is is a punishment to not receive the points: you are either getting money or points.  Money back is not a punishment - its a choice that some have made (others maybe feel they had no other option) but they will receive something from the club.  In turn now those who decided to leave it with the club will also receive something in the form of mygers points added to their file.


    What about those people who don't ask for a refund but also aren't getting the mygers thing, do they just get hee-haw?

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  6. 25 minutes ago, bigblueyonder said:

    Is this whole flight credit nonsense legal? If an airline cancels your flight aren't they required to give you a full refund? 

    They have to give you a refund if you want one, but will offer the voucher or to move the flight hoping most people are to stupid to realize/ or just don't know  they are entitled  to a refund, I have had 23 flights cancelled during this and have got 1 refund and have moved 22 others, starting my flights between London and Glasgow this week!!

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  7. Well that's my 2 tickets renewed at a cost of £1350 seems a lot of money for what will be little football, but hey ho, also the way the club has gone about this whole thing is starting to make me feel like claiming a refund but maybe for just one of my 2 tickets, but in the end I probably won't bother!

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  8. 12 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

    I don’t see this being likely. No idea what a package would cost but Rangers would have to buy those packages from Sky and then gift them to ST holders. 


    But on the other hand it means Rangers are selling a service which they aren't providing, so they are basically taking your money with nothing in return, so to all ends the ST you buy this year  is really just a gift of cash to the club!

  9. 9 hours ago, 1690tamRFC said:

    No mate, my da died overdose when I was 2, he was 19 my ma was 18. Been a spoilt bastard ever since ha ha 

    joking aside, great family, brought me up right, only thing I’d change would hand not been moved to England at 5 ha ha but fuck it it’s made me who I am 

    But to be fair you come to Hailsham so it wasn't all bad :lol:

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  10. 9 minutes ago, TartanTeddy said:

    Will be interesting to see if it's taken out the clubs hands?

    The issue for me is more about the season coming and what precedent is set - could easily see half a dozen games behind closed doors. So how we respond to this season, will likely be an indication of how the club will respond going forward.

    I think we can all agree that badly will be how the club respond to this!

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