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    Well it used to be that each strip was used for 2 years and the home and away ones changed on alternating years so you would only have to buy say a home kit every other year, but now it's 3 different strips every season, sorry but that's not right!
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    Is it me or does 3 kits a year seem to be taking the piss out of the fans some what (yet again)
  3. But we all know that if he is fit Murty will start Windass!
  4. Who was the poster who used to take the pictures of random strangers in and about town and add captions? they were funny.
  5. Am still convinced Fods is short sighted and can't pick the flight of the ball up until it's too late!
  6. Good luck Dan, about an you ago Easyjet had small availability on the 11.50 to Glasgow and not much more to Edinburgh and they have cancelled all flights to both today, people rebooking might fill them up, I've chucked as supposed to be flying back down Monday morning!
  7. Yep, just had it cancelled and Easyjet have nothing else available to Monday, so no going home this weekend..!!
  8. Fucking nightmare, am due to fly from Stanstead at 5.00pm Glasgow airport just keep pushing back the time the airport will open, first it was all day yesterday then till 11.00am today and now 3.00pm this afternoon, so it's only a matter of time till it closes for the day again..!!
  9. Sorry must have got you mixed up with someone else, I know he winds up a lot of people and for some reason included your good self, must be my age..!!
  10. I know you two don't get on, but that is a bit harsh!
  11. Brighton have signed Ulloa from Leicester on loan for the rest of the season, so they won't be interested in silly bollocks (not that they were anyway)
  12. Good point, and thanks for that it proves I'm not going mental if nothing else!!
  13. I thought I remember reading somewhere a few years ago that Zombie was a anti ira song about the Manchester bombings, but could be wrong was a long time ago now!
  14. The bit in bold above is technically not quite true as my daughter was also one of the supporters to collect the award and she has never had a season ticket, but the rest is bang on..!!
  15. how the fuck do they have a Motherwell coach and a Rangers hating taig as the 2 co commentators?
  16. Bit of topic but just seen Kevin Cadle has died today, 20 years the voice of NFL on Sky..!!
  17. Have a taig fan on the same flight as me and he was telling me this morning how Man city turned down 15m for Roberts from Huddersfield so they could loan him back to them fucking idiots,(then again he was also telling me a few months back the we had already closed our season ticket renewal wouldn't have it that they weren't even when I told him I was a season ticket holder and they renewals hadn't even come out yet) fucking moon howlers the lot of them!!
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