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  1. Back to work on Monday, working from home for a week then back down to London W/C 25/05 happy days!!
  2. But to be fair he is absolutely correct, people will have been forking out about £50 for the MyGers membership for away tickets they will go to the games!
  3. Is probably the largest in the UK!! (sorry couldn't help it)
  4. You don't need too join MyGers to get the final and semi-final tickets if you are on CCCS but they will be given to people on MyGers first then if any are left which is doubtful they will be balloted to the CCCs people, hope this helps!
  5. Well I bet they do the same as always which will be Fuck All!!
  6. The bit in bold above, care to explain how exactly??
  7. No you are right but it's not the fans fault either, and what happens if there is no football next season they don't mention that , will they just give us another £25 voucher to give back to them to cover a £600 ST? why should the fans always be the ones to keep giving , the players have only deffered their money so the club just keep coming back to the fans and take the piss, and even if they did offer a refund on this years ticket how many would have actually taken them up on it? At least they would have made a gesture to the fans instead of just keep taking!
  8. Or people might be skint, not sure if you have noticed but there is something going on around the world just now!! also according to the club your ST is a contract between you and the club and if you do anything to break said contract you could lose your ST, but they seem to think it's ok to break the contract and just have everybody accept it without question!
  9. But don't forget the club told us last summer that our St's were a contract between us and the club, so does they mean they have broken that contract?
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed it, just takes a bit of getting used to the dubbed voices
  11. Offering people a £25 voucher to give money back to the club instead of offering a refund on unused(some people will need the money) is quite frankly shameful, they made all that noise at the start of last season saying your ST was a contract between you and the club which was why you couldn't give it to someone else then they basically break the same contract ( ST's bought for 19 home games) disgraceful!
  12. See the thing that I still wonder about is that the club are starting the renewals this week, but what about this season I know most people on here have said that they don't won't anything back if this season isn't completed but there might be some out there who do, so how can they start to sell next years books before they know what is happening to this year, i mean they won't be giving people a refund so it will be a credit against the next ST a bit like the seat sub thing, so if they start to take money for next year will that mean people will get a credit for the season 21/22 (and bef
  13. Have you noticed the papers headline though no mention of a team despite shirts on view, now if they had been wearing Rangers tops do we think the headline would be the same?
  14. Then again post's like the one above doesn't help him!
  15. I'm not saying that, i'm just saying he said all along this is what would happen and got hammered for it, but it seems he was right, he seemed to be stating what would happen from a neutral perspective rather than a Rangers fan one which possibly wasn't the best idea in here but he was still correct!
  16. The Black Skull seem to always come down to Kilwinning to lead the rememberance parade each year as well!
  17. So basically what you mean is that the dude was right all along but you can't/won't admit that so resort to name calling?
  18. Are the William King not from the fountain Londonderry?
  19. Bet my weekly flights between Glasgow and London with Easyjet will cost a fucking fortune!!
  20. Mate, when this is all over I will bring you all of the above (not egg) down as you only live about 5 mins from where I stay during the week!
  21. Sorry mate the Midlands you have my condolences 😀 but to be fair my daughter did live in Nottingham and it seemed quite nice apart from being in the Midlands
  22. I'm going out on limb here and guessing with the shit you eat you must be a northerner😢
  23. Fuck sake mate, you're starting to make me embarrassed to be English, sort your shit out!!
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