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  1. Nemane is now on loan at Torquay!
  2. Exactly my point, so you can't just "send him back" it would take time and effort to sort out
  3. I find it strange people keep saying "send Ojo back" without having any idea whether that is even a option, it might be a season long loan with no return or recall!!
  4. Yes but they changed the way it works, I have passed my ST on to people here and some just went to the TO and got a reprint for £5 but then in the summer they sent out letters saying your St was a contract between you and the club so you should't let anyone else us it, so now if I can't make a game like the next 2 midweeks my ticket is no use to anybody else!
  5. Being classed as a English tax payer rather than a Scottish one!
  6. It's actually 10 but he is out for 2 of those so that's about right!
  7. Was just coming in to post both of these good call!
  8. Same here got to episode 6 in 2 days, fantastic show!!
  9. Well if I get out of London alive, I'm only 10 mins from there!!
  10. Sorry for your loss Sparkle there are no words!
  11. So basically you made a statement which was absolute guess work then?
  12. Sometimes get our local RSC bus and it's parked halfway down Helen St, never leave before the end and always get back with plenty of time!
  13. Has everybody missed the fact that he has been out injured for the last couple of months? Or are just statingt hat he hasn't been good enough to play?
  14. nope they weren't just as no-one was bipolar/ OCD or such they were just stupid or remedial, simpler times!
  15. That's probably cause it is always fucking freezing up here 😀 but down in the sunny south where the sun shines the milk was always left out the back of the school kitchen and it warmed up, and if memory serves we had to drink it!
  16. The way I see it is that most people celebrating Thatchers death weren't even alive when she was in power, and come out with that milk snatcher line to start with, but as anyone who was about in those days will tell you thank fuck she did warm milk every day was horrendous, and i do believe that labour has closed more mines than the tories ever did, but then again as someone born and raised in the South East of England my view may be different to people up here, but then again my FIL who worked on the docks in Govan was a big Thatcher fan!!
  17. Zet, put me down please, but can you send me the new banking details please!
  18. Utd made a statement yesterday saying sharp wasn't going anywhere in Jan!
  19. St J away after the first leg and it must be a cup weekend after the second!
  20. that is just Ryanair landing every flight anywhere!!
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