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  1. Only £225 as it was a flight less than 1500KM but it all helps, just the standard comp payout from the EU,, but 2 more to come from Loganair
  2. Feel a bit weird saying this but Easyjet, was delayed by 10 hours on my flight down to London Monday, put a claim in yesterday and within 2 mins received 2 emails one confirming my claim the second to say that it was their fault and my compensation would be in my bank within 2 weeks, have been struggling with Loganair on a delayed flight to Londonderry since early August!!
  3. It's a shame @bluedylan isn't still on here it would have taken him about a week to put down the countries he had been to!
  4. To be fair mate, I had a 10 hour delay on Monday coming down, but would still rather fly than drive nowadays!!
  5. Dan you do realise that you can get to any of the other London airports in less than an hour from Heathrow?
  6. How long was your delay mate, my flight from Glasgow to Stanstead on Monday was due to leave at 7am and we finally took off at 5pm so just the 10 hours!!!
  7. The Raiders won, look out superbowl!!
  8. Well Heathrow is a lot better than Gatwick or stanstead so you might be ok, good luck!
  9. I guessed London when you said you were in the London office, but which airport as some are worse than others?
  10. don't want to be a killjoy but there are delays every friday on flights from London, where you flying from?
  11. Cheers mate never knew that, good job you're on the ball!!
  12. Well I need a shed moved fuckers to heavy for me to do
  13. I think it was that one is a dick and one is a fucktard and they couldn't decided which was which, I mean did you see the alky mess after the game on saturday?
  14. Apart from Root who got a great ball, pretty much the rest got themselves out, and what the fuck was Archer doing 🏏
  15. Nope club have put out a statement no fewer than 3000 seats must be left empty in one or more parts of the ground!
  16. It's unbelievable, they have won 8 leagues in a row just done the treble treble and the silly cunt thinks that they are playing against 12 men every week, what a fucking zoomer!!
  17. Then went back to Euston and kicked fuck out of the spurs game!!
  18. Mate at work is a ST holder at spurs and he reckons they will be linked to everyone and end up announcing Llorente at 4.58pm
  19. I would say it will be their year this year, but it really isn't!!
  20. I see this years Hard Knocks which starts this week, is about the Raiders!!
  21. just Watching All or nothing the Arizona Cardinals, very good, also half way through season 2 of Gommorah very good!
  22. Or as the markings are just the sidelines not the 18 or 6 yard area and the goals are on wheels, could it be just for training purposes?
  23. Everton have agreed a bid of 27.5m possibly rising to 36.6m for moise kean from Juve is he not only 18?
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