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  1. Any news on when he is back?
  2. I would be happy if Lennon never got the job simply for the fact that i wouldn’t need to see or hear from him in Scottish football again. I thought he was finally out after leaving Hibs. In saying that he’d probably pop up on sky or BT 😩
  3. The commentary from the bbc is ridiculous when it comes to Morelos.
  4. It was on after a Rangers game mate over course that mob will be watching it.
  5. Did Boyd get asked about his manager being a wank before the game?
  6. imagine playing the drinking game every time that tit Stewart said “Christophe” no work for a week. He was seriously killing me today.
  7. ? Martin O’neil ? look the full thing is Next level crazy but that bit really is the business. “ I’m off getting martins specs tattooed on today to complete the look” never cease to amaze/surprise me
  8. Watched evil genius on holiday. Was ok probably because I was bored but one thing is clear there is no genius in it. One look at the state of any of there houses tells you there all pretty thick. Fair play the bomb scene is pretty intense but docu maker has wasted a large part of his life looking for things that aren’t there.
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