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  1. Had to be a green and gray top at the side there to ruin the moment for me. Pityful
  2. davger


    If there was we would be worth a fortune.
  3. davger


    Cheers mate no surprise. Even if he was to get back fit in 2 or 3 games he’d be injured again.
  4. davger


    Is there any update on him recently?
  5. Would sit on massive couches for fun up here.
  6. If scouts were at the game looking at Morelos they’ll leave talking about Kamara.
  7. Got to laugh at Clarke using the word hysterical to people’s reactions to the tackle. Morelos is treated like a war criminal and public outcry last for weeks.
  8. It would be the only time in the last 2 years he wasn’t injured.
  9. It does seem just now that every Rangers game is dissected and analysed to death.
  10. Looks like Morelos leg is caught under his and lifts it up making it look worse. ( tho I’m biased) Boyd talking about Morelos and saying it’s a red while his team benifit on Saturday of the wee man doesn’t play.
  11. Be nice if he did a reverse Negri.
  12. There’s also a dinner organised by Falkirk supportes in behind the wall next Friday. Not sure if it’s sold out yet.
  13. Yeah but they would already have had us pumped out of Europe. Not a great performance by any means but a wee bit of patience and perspective need.
  14. I always thought it was after we put them out of the cup in 1998. Goram chucked the glove in there changing room on the way past.
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