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  1. The 14 teams in EPL are pissing into the wind. The only thing that stops this is fans and players at these clubs.
  2. I still think Chelsea and City will withdraw. The English clubs with American owners less likely as it looks like a ‘soccer’ version of NFL.
  3. Mcgregor Tav, Goldson, Helander, Barasic Davis,Kamara Aribo,Wright,Kent Alfie.
  4. What a prospect, what a player.
  5. The best player on that pitch today. Kent and Kamara on that form are on a different level.
  6. What a talent. The second best right back in Scotland but Scotlands best right back. What a player,
  7. His best game in a Rangers shirt 👍
  8. A performance worthy of champions. Kamara and Kent are just too good for them.
  9. After Beale popping into this thread for a look - Kent , Davis and Kamara are all starting on bench. Itten, Zungu and Aribo starting.
  10. My first thought was the horse puncher too!
  11. Rangers 2 Tarriers 1 Greg Taylor and Calum Mcgregor scoring OG’s..
  12. If that midfield starts tomorrow, i’m stopping drinking and going straight onto heroin.
  13. Should change your username to KingYoda.
  14. Yes mate - page 6 section 3:06. Club are out of order imo.
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