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  1. ....still waitin (for an answer that's not written in crayon)
  2. brown jus shat his pants when he had to look up at hutton
  3. zaluska is a bombscare....and hardly have to touch the ball
  4. murray given em a chance to score another before 'noticing' edu down
  5. canny talk shite like that without suggesting a replacement......so far you haven't
  6. how did mulgrew not even get spoken to after that tackle
  7. dont wanna keep gettin on his back....but does Lafferty practice shootin in trainin?
  8. lol hardly even jumped there - well in big man. Monkey off the back and hopefully bit of a confidence booster
  9. Scored a decent goal tonight but other than that... Earned his place in some future Rangers DVD for the goal at the midden Enjoy watchin the last 16 on TV Pedro
  10. Never felt the fear before a game like I did this morning...got not confidence in that lot being able to string a pass together
  11. he was shite and overweight got his act together and grown as a player in the championship fair play to him
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